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  • My age:
  • I am 19
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  • Turkish
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  • I’ve got big green eyes
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  • Classical
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  • Swimming
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Between andhe released three albums. Of them A. They met in the 7th grade at Bryant Junior High School. As time went by Grand Central started playing original music. In Spring they did more recording at Moonsound, an Eight-track studio located in Lake Nokomis, south of downtown Minneapolis. The studio was owned by Chris Moon who approached Prince and proposed a collaboration, which Prince accepted.


I guess we can just start by you telling me about your parents.

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My father was born in Hamburg, Germany. He came to this country at about age thirty-seven. He used to tell stories about Germany after World War I. Residents of Hamburg had to have a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread. We didn't learn 'till much later that my dad never knew his father. Hamburg is a port city with lots of sailors.

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His mother was Elisabeth Picker. My mother's parents also came from Germany. My grandfather Becker came from Hamburg, also. Because my father knew my grandfather's brother in Hamburg, And that's how he met my mother. My grandmother Becker came from Bavaria, in southern Germany. My grandparents were married in New York City on January 23, Later they moved to Union Hill, New Jersey, where they had a hall in which they served meals, sort of catered parties. My grandmother was a fabulous cook. My mother grew up there in Union Hill.

My mother and one of her sisters had attended business school after graduating from grade school.

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My mother was very proficient in shorthand and an excellent typist so she was able to get a job. Her sister found a job in ing. Her older sister and my grandmother lived with a family as household servants. The youngest sister was still in school at that time.

When my father and mother were married on March 31,they lived in New York City in a small apartment. I was born in New York City on February 3, My grandfather used to take me to the Bronx Zoo. According to my parents, I don't remember any of this, I could read. My grandpa bought me little cards that said rhinoceros, tiger, and elephant, etc. That's the story that was told to me, and I don't know whether it's true or not. When I was about a year-and-a-half, my sister was about six months, we moved to Hillsdale, New Jersey. My father and mother bought a house there, and my father commuted into New York City.

He worked for Noe's as a lamp salesman. I grew up in Hillsdale; it was a real suburban town, about 2, people. We had a relatively small piece of property, fifty byI believe.

It was a quiet street, a dead end street. We had good friends on the street. The neighbor girl next door, Florence, and the girl at the end of the street, Norine, and two children up on the hill. At the end of the street was a big hill. It was wonderful to play on because it didn't go anywhere.

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Now it does, of course. It's been built up. Also, there were woods beyond there and a stream. I used to love to go in the woods and play things like Indians, and build camps, clearing out a place in the woods. There was a family of older girls that lived around the corner, and they used to, you know, be helping us.

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We liked that very much. Then I went to school. School was about a mile away, and we came home for lunch. We got out ten minutes early at lunch time, so we'd have time to walk home and walk back. I think when I got into kindergarten, I could already read. They put me in first grade.

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I loved school, and I loved to read, and I went to the library. Then in sixth grade, I was reading about labor disputes and we had a teacher named Miss Walker. She was very strict on discipline, and she used to say if the boys or the girls behave better, the better behaved could have more time at recess, or something like that.

I felt she was unfair to the girls because when we won, which was often, she'd forget the reward. However, when the boys won, she gave them an extra recess. So I organized a strike. The school decided that I was too big for my britches. They put me in the seventh grade. We got promoted in the middle of the year, so that made me graduate in January instead of in June.

Among other things, I like to draw and paint. By some lucky chance, I was not really that good, but I won an honorable mention or a third place award or something for a poster I did.

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So the art teacher thought I should go to a different school than the high school that was ordinarily used. And I went in the middle of the year. It was a big adjustment. I liked school and I loved to read, so the academics weren't a problem. But, I didn't make friends as quickly as I thought I might.

I loved going to Girl Scout camp. I also worked on the school paper, sang in the glee club and appeared in plays. I liked drama.

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When I was a senior, I was in a contest to decide who would be the editor of the school paper. Three contestants each put out an issue, and I was chosen to be the editor. The name of the paper was The Phoenix. The mythical phoenix, as you know, rose again from the ashes.

Towards the end of the senior year, we went to the Columbia Journalism Conference, and our paper won first in the category for schools like Westwood. So that was pretty special, and the fellow who was assistant editor, who was a good friend, went with me.

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It was my first big date, we went to see the movie 42nd Street that night. It was very special. Lullaby of Broadway always could bring Hal Fry to mind. What else did I do?

I was on the debating team. We never knew until right before the debate whether we would be addressing the stated question positively or negatively. One year the question was whether radio should be government sponsored. We used the same facts either way, just emphasized them differently. The depression affected many people. The debate coach supplemented his teacher's salary by ushering at the movies.

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I was leaning from the window in my attic room in the old district of New York known as "Chelsea"; both hands were stemmed on the ledge.


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Some say that New York is not the center of the world.


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