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Please fill out the form below to receive information from SFA. Mailing Address Be sure to add your apt. When would you like to attend SFA and what will be your major? Stephen F. Austin State University encourages qualified students to apply for admission.

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Students seeking admission should make every effort to complete the appropriate procedures as soon as possible. Undergraduate application for admission, preliminary academic counseling and evaluation of college course work are available on campus in the Office of Admissions. Applicants wishing to apply for admission to the university must complete the Texas Common Application. It is strongly recommended that applicants apply by completing the electronic version of the Texas Common Application, which is available at applytexas.

First-semester freshmen applicants are those who have graduated from high school and have not attended a college or university since high school graduation. Students who have participated in a high school dual credit program, concurrent enrollment program or early college high school program while in high school are considered first-semester freshmen. Applicants who have not completed one of these programs will need to demonstrate that they have completed a high school curriculum more rigorous than what is required of the Minimum Graduation Plan, Basic Plan or Foundation Plan.

Applicants from accredited private high schools and out-of-state high schools will be required to complete a curriculum similar to the Recommended High School Program, Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement Program with Alegbra II or Distinguished with Endorsement Program.

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Applicants for admission to SFA will be required to meet the following class rank and minimum test scores:. The admission files of applicants who do not have a minimum of the Recommended High School Program, Distinguished Achievement Program, Endorsement Program with Algebra II, or Distinguished with Endorsement Program and those who do not meet the rank-in-class and test score requirements will be individually reviewed. Admission will be offered to those applicants who demonstrate potential for academic success.

It is recommended that applicants complete Part II of the Texas Common Application, as this information will assist with the review process. Additional factors such as high school activities, responsibilities while attending high school, bilingual proficiency and region of residence will also be taken into consideration.

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Admission will be granted to students who have been awarded competitive scholarships by an official SFA scholarship committee. In compliance with Texas Senate Billthose applicants who graduate from home school or receive a General Education Development certificate will be ased a class rank comparable to the average class rank of other applicants who have equivalent ACT or SAT scores. The Office of Admissions has a notary on staff who can notarize transcripts free of charge. Applicants who meet rank and score requirements will be admitted.

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Like all other applicants, if rank and score requirements are not met, a holistic review will be performed. Those applicants who exhibit probability of success may be admitted based on the review.

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Those applicants who graduate from non-ranking high schools and non-accredited high schools will be assessed on an individual basis. Any student attending a non-accredited high school must submit an official high school transcript and official SAT or ACT scores. Applicants whose academic background indicates probability of success may be admitted.

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Freshman applicants who have attempted college-level courses while in high school must earn a 2. Failure to do so may result in the imposition of academic probation during the first semester of enrollment or the withdrawal of the SFA admission offer. The Texas Success Initiative is a statewide program to promote academic success for all students by ensuring that they are well prepared for college-level work. To support that goal, the TSI program requires students to earn exemption from placement testing or undergo assessment in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.

A student who achieves passing scores is considered college ready and may proceed to freshman-level courses in the relevant disciplines. See course descriptions for additional information about any departmental prerequisite policies. Applicants who have not attended high school in the five years or who have not attended college for an extended period of time may apply for mature student admission.

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Eligibility for admission will be based on their ability to succeed at SFA utilizing their individual educational, work and personal life experiences. Military service veterans with honorable or general discharges are eligible to apply for mature student admission. Applicants who did not graduate from high school are required to submit official GED scores.

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Students who have ly attended a regionally accredited institution must apply as transfer students. Those college transfer applicants who have earned fewer than 15 semester hours of transferable college credit must have an overall 2. Transfer applicants who have earned more than 15 semester hours must:. SFA accepts transfer credit from regionally accredited institutions on a course-by-course basis as determined by the Office of Admissions. All courses are examined in terms of content, level and credit hours awarded and are subject to the following conditions:.

Students may repeat courses taken at SFA at other accredited institutions. Transfer hours will, however, be governed by the following rules:. Equivalency Guides for all Texas community colleges are available at sfasu. Two-year planning guides for all major degree programs using the Texas Common Course ing System are available through the Office of Admissions and on the web.

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Transfer students from community colleges are encouraged to discuss their degree program and course selection with an admissions counselor in the Office of Admissions. A student also will receive credit for each of the individual courses transferred that meet the core requirements.

Students transferring to SFA may appeal the non-transferability of lower-division course work in accordance to the guidelines set forth by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Written notice of non-acceptable courses must and will be sent to the student as well as to the sending institution. Reason for denying credit may be requested from SFA. Students wanting to dispute the denial of credit must contact the deated official at the sending or receiving institution. SFA, the sending institution and the student shall attempt to resolve the transfer of the course credit in accordance with board rules and guidelines.

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If the dispute is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student or the sending institution within 45 days after the date the student received written notice of denial, SFA must notify the commissioner of its reasons for denial of credit. The Coordinating Board shall collect transfer disputes data and the disposition of each case that is reported to the commissioner.

Undergraduate admissions

If SFA has cause to believe that a course being presented by a student for transfer is not of an acceptable level of quality, it will first contact the sending institution and attempt to resolve the problem. In the event SFA and the sending institution are unable to come to a satisfactory resolution, SFA may notify the commissioner of higher education, who may investigate the course. If its quality is found to be unacceptable, the board may discontinue funding for the course. The purpose of the system is to assist students who are transferring between participating institutions.

The system utilizes single unique course alphabetic prefixes and s to identify freshman- and sophomore-level courses that are common between two or more member colleges or universities.


The appropriate common course identifier appears parenthetically following each course title in the departmental section of this bulletin. Refer to the Course Offerings section in this bulletin for a listing of currently approved TCCNS courses or contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

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Students who have ly attended SFA and who have not enrolled for the fall or spring semester must satisfy the following re-enrollment requirements:. Former students must have earned a 2.

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Students currently on academic suspension from other institutions are not admissible. First-semester freshman applicants who graduate from high school, but fail to satisfy other admission requirements as a result of ificant extenuating circumstances, may appeal for admission through the SFA Academic Opportunity Program by completing and submitting the AOP form and two letters of recommendation to the Office of Admissions. All documents must be submitted five business days prior to the start of the semester being applied for. Applicants who were denied admission as transfer students may appeal the decision through the Transfer Appeals Program by completing and submitting the Transfer Appeals form and two letters of recommendation to the Office of Admissions.

It is best to appeal well before the deadline. Appeals are initiated in the Office of Admissions by filing the appropriate materials. Appeals are reviewed by the Admission Appeals Committee. Students admitted through this procedure are ased to the Academic Advising Center for advisement. Students also may be ased to the Academic Assistance Resource Center for tutorial assistance. First-semester freshman applicants not meeting the admission requirements may become eligible for regular admission by enrolling in the summer Jacks PASS Program.

More information about the program may be obtained by calling the Office of Admissions at Transfer students with less than a 2. Students who complete nine semester hours excluding developmental courses of work in summer I and summer II semesters combined and earn at least a 2.

The nine hours taken must be approved by the appropriate academic dean before courses begin. Summer provisional students are not eligible for financial aid. Students returning to SFA with transfer coursework with less than a 2. Students who do not successfully complete the Summer Provisional Program as specified by their academic dean may only be re-admitted to SFA upon presentation of academic credits transferred from all post-secondary institutions attended for which the overall GPA is 2.

All academic course credits and grades earned 10 or more years prior to the semester for which the student seeks admission are not considered for admissions purposes. Students wishing to enroll under this program must contact the Office of Admissions for additional information.

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International student applicants are evaluated on the quality, content and level of academic work.

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Austin is experiencing an ongoing influx of students choosing to relocate to the area from around the U.


Our admissions and advising staff are here to help support and guide you through the application process.


Austin is experiencing an ongoing influx of students choosing to relocate to the area from around the U.


The College of Graduate Studies fosters an intellectual community of advanced learning within an environment of scholarship, research, and creative activities engaging faculty and students with partnerships representative of a global society as students acquire knowledge, skills and values for life and work.