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A great cadence is once per month—take over a conference room for your lunch hour or, better yet, meet for happy hour and chat at a bar. Have a few friends in your field you see from time to time at industry events?


Any tips. Am trying to practise 'mindfulness'. Am sick of the commuting too - my legs are sore from sitting so long each day. Hour and a half each way on the train.

17 things you should do if you're bored at work

Well and hour on the train and 15 mins each end getting to where I'm going. Anyone else having long boring days in work atm.

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I had this in 2 jobs. The first was years ago and my boss was away a lot. The second time I was in an open plan office and was waiting on my redundancy date to arrive. It was coming up to Christmas so I spent a lot of time online Christmas shopping and not caring who noticed. So if you have a relatively private desk space you could get started on your shopping :. I had a job like this years ago hated going in. Im starting back work next week and living for it. My line of work is always busy.

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You know the best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one. If I give you the money next week will you do my Xmas shopping for me?? I hear ya. The minutes and hours drag. I used to enjoy my job and get great satisfaction out of little 'wins' but now I couldn't care less. Management don't care about our team but we are all in a huge open office and can't get away with reading or looking online so need to act busy which is hard when there isn't much work to be done.

I take ages to wash and dry my hands now, I let people skip me at the printer, I day dream and plan dinners in my head and make a few calls so I sound really busy but its just for show.

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Its painful. As you can see, I am "stretched" in my current role. It's soul destroying. And it's not for the want of pointing it out either.

Top 50 best fun ice breaker questions for work

I cannot believe this I work 13 hours a day and barely get time for toilet break. I don't know which is worse, too quiet or too busy. I hated both!! Having too little to do is IMO far worse than being very busy. I've had both types of jobs and almost lost my mind with boredom in the one where there simply wasn't enough work. I lasted 8 months and quit for a busier job which was great, I'm much happier being productive. If you are bored in work, then you either need to look for something to get your teeth into, plan for promotion, or look elsewhere.

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It will soon start to show, your work will get sloppy and you manager will notice. Your commute, while it impacts you, is not your employers problem. Maybe you could get a bike on the bike to work scheme and use it to cycle to work.

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It will build exercise into your day and will invigorate your mind. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I want a job like yours when I grow up. By Naj3128 mins ago. By Layla403 hours ago. Ran out of Fematab! By Familygal16 hours ago. Florencia Repromed- immune issues. By Dreaming2520 hours ago.

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Breastfeeding or Combination feeding. By Ladybella23 hours ago. Ended an abusive relationship at 17 weeks pregnant. Feeling down. By Ellie3 days ago. My son doesnt want play dates? Hayz113 days ago. Chicago Bloods Post-Covid. By Marlo4 days ago. Laparoscopy Recovery Time. School Calendar. Forums Recent Posts Register .

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Last Post. Anyone else having long boring days in work atm Reply Quote. So if you have a relatively private desk space you could get started on your shopping : Reply Quote. Reply Quote.

Figure out the thing that bores you the most, and see how you can fix it

I watch Netflix Reply Quote. Anyone got any ideas?????? I can also recommend office yoga.

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Obviously not for open plan thought!! Do some courses online. Check out udemy and coursera.

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Some courses are free. I'm shocked by the responses. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I want a job like yours when I grow up Reply Quote. Please or Register to reply to this topic.

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All forum topics. Topic. Next Topic. Nightmares By Layla403 hours ago. Florencia Repromed- immune issues By Dreaming2520 hours ago. Breastfeeding or Combination feeding By Ladybella23 hours ago. Feeling down By Ellie3 days ago. Laparoscopy Recovery Time By Marlo4 days ago. Diary of a Pregnant Woman: Fully vaccinated, my baby has turned and the weeks are flying in. Mum Stories.

Games for teams that slack

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I'm bored at work this am and looking to pass the time.


Colleagues and coworkers alike have all been in the same situation.


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