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Romance in the workplace is nothing new, and neither are the problems that can result. But not all workplace romances cause problems, and in many cases they actually improve productivity and morale. So how should your business handle this touchy subject? Here are some guidelines to consider.


In his talk, he went into detail about these three selected theses and took the audience in a concrete way into a world of thought that may not be entirely new, but is nevertheless very tempting and even worth striving for. Learning to appreciate old values anew, being aware of the special, surprising things in daily life and giving something in return, which may also cost some effort or overcoming — that simply feels good and right according to his explanations.

To our great pleasure, Tim took the time to write an article for our blog.

How to approach an office romance (and how not to)

We are always inspired by his ideas — we hope you as well. Have fun reading! We need a new romantic movement! Just as the Romantics in the 18th century — Novalis, William Blake or Lord Byron — rebelled against the exclusive claim of reason and empirical truth, we should now rebel against the de-mystification of the world through economization and now increasingly also the datafication and quantification of our identities and relationships, far beyond the workplace.

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We need more romance in our lives again, and business is the perfect stage and the most effective vehicle for that. For the business romantic, this means putting on romantic glasses, literally.

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Or that you simply show up at work tomorrow consciously as a different person. However, it is important that business romance is not immediately proclaimed a matter for the boss or made formal throughout the company — that would be counterproductive and destroy the romance at the beginning.

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As a romantic, you will have a hard time fighting cynicism with pure rhetoric. Let actions speak!

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Manipulate the daily work routines in small steps, inconspicuous stitches of reality. In the end, all rules are about making the familiar strange again, even a little strange.

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Daybreaker makes it possible. Ecstasy before efficiency, so to speak.

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Then, on your way to work, you talk to strangers on the subway. A study by the University of Chicago found that this produces an extraordinary feeling of happiness.

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The bank Credit Suisse, for example, has converted much of its Zurich office into a co-working space, which has been very well received by the employees. Zappos, a U. GitHub, a software company in San Francisco, encourages its employees to live together and experience new cities, working out in teams from Venice or Montevideo.

This builds team spirit and personal development.

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Set up a kind of secret society that allows you and your colleagues to challenge existing practices and de a kind of counter-reality to your company that, among other things, simulates competitive thinking and gives dissenters a forum for radical ideas. Celebrate the end of projects, but also mourn them and give yourself and your colleagues some time before moving on to the next one.

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Finally, end the day with an intimate candlelight dinner with your team or colleagues from other departments — as well as strangers from the outside — and talk about work issues as well as issues that concern all of you, even outside of work. Ask yourself every day: if I were only here for six months, what would be my biggest legacy to the organization? Start working on that right away.

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How can we make work more meaningful—even magical?

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Should you date a coworker?


The Business Romantic offers a radically different view of the successful enterprise and inspires you to find more meaning in business.


As a business narrative, a large part of the text explores the myriad ways in which market conditions prevent his return to profitability.