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Watch what you say in the comments. But the Internet is what it is, and there is always the occasional asshole.


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That thing where geeks and scientists are always fragile, skinny guys without a shred of muscle to their names. Rarely do we see an athletic, rugged, or only mildly pudgy geek, because they are Squishy Wizards. While both versions of geek have been around for some time, the "geeks are skinny" image is slowly being displaced by "geeks are fat" as the world obesity rate rises. The hours of inactivity and unhealthy eating habits are sufficient justification and can cause this to be Truth in Television. The older form also has justification in the " Forgets to Eat " aspect of things, or possibly because Crack Is Cheaper and therefore the geeks only spend the bare minimum amount of money on food that they need to in order to stay alive while pouring the rest of their income into their hobbies which explains why the Basement-Dweller is almost always a fat geek; he doesn't buy his own food so he has more of it to eat.

The reverse is also true as those entering such industries age and realize they're losing their youthful metabolisms and as such professions become more of a career and less a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

Compare Hollywood Nerd. Badass Bookworms often, but not always, avert this.

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May overlap with Fat and Skinny if both are in the same scene together. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. When they're not Hollywood Nerdsthey must be one of these. In America, we stopped using corporal punishment and things have never been better. The streets are safe, old people strut confidently through dark alleys, and the weak and nerdy are admired for their computer programming abilities.

So like us, for as the old saying goes, "Let your children run wild and free. Code Geass : Lelouch, the genius who plays chess on a country-sized game board, is regularly teased for being out of shape compared with Suzaku, Sayoko, and even Milly. Lloyd is an example of the skinny type. The two students credited as "otaku" - the racist ones seen in episodes 5, 6, and 18 - are an example of a pair of both types. Death Note : L is a pale, skinny man who, in spite of being a Big Eateruses so much energy to think that he's rail-thin.

He also turns out to be an adept martial artist.

Fat nerd illustrations & vectors are available royalty-free.

Nozomu Itoshiki the protagonist of Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei is a good-looking nerd, but is quite thin and physically puny, not to mention very pale. The only exercise he seems to do is strengthening his neck muscles, so he can attempt suicide without killing himself. Arguably VerdeShouichiand Spanner, from Reborn! All three are rail-thin especially Verdeand painfully intelligent especially Verde in their respective fields science for Verde, mechanics for Shou, and robotics for Spanner. The three of them hardly ever leave their labs once again, especially Verde. Eyeshield 21 : Yukimitsu is incredibly skinny, which really doesn't help when playing American Football.

Harris, Clark, and Martin, Cindy's three colleagues and fellow MIT gr in Squid Girlare respectively on the skinny side of average, emaciated, and obese. At one point they sink into depression; Harris and Clark become fat, while Martin starves himself thin. Resident asshole Haraguchi is also fat.

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Everybody else is pretty normal. Dark Yugi, Kaiba, and Bakura both versions are all particularly skinny and nerdy, although Kaiba subverts this by only looking the part and actually being genuinely athletic. Averted with Joey, who basically grew up on the streets and can solve a problem with his fists as easily as with his cards. Bleach : During the early stages of his fight with Uryuu and RenjiSzayelaporro's clothing is so badly damaged by Uryuu's Sprenger explosion that his entire torso is exposed revealing how thin his body is. However, unlike other thin characters, such as UryuuNnoitra or even Ichigothere is no muscle definition to his form and every clear shot of his body heavily emphasises the shape and position of his ribs.

While other thin characters are muscled or well-toned, Szayel simply looks emaciated. Unlike most other Espada, he doesn't fight physically. He takes the time to research his potential opponents in advance so that, by the time he's confronting them, he's figured out how to negate their abilities; for him, battle is a scientific puzzle to be solved through the power of intellect. When physical fighting is required, he can create copycat dolls of his opponents, forcing his opponents to fight the dolls instead of him.

Actually a plot point in My Hero Academia. Izuku is a scrawny nerd at the start of the story, which means that if he tried to accept One For All immediately, his limbs would explode and go flying off his body. All Might puts him through Training from Hell over ten months to give him the lean, muscular physique he needs to take the Quirk without dying. Even then, he seriously damages himself whenever he uses too much of it. He's heavily mortified by the fact that they're girls and yet are much stronger than him, so whenever they get physical with him, he's completely helpless.

Fuutarou Uesugi of The Quintessential Quintuplets is a borderline example. While visually he's not exaggeratedly skinny, it's a bit of a Running Gag that his physical capacities are clearly below average, probably due to focusing too much on his studies.

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Comic Books. Robin Series : While Ives did eventually fill in a bit he was a twig in his freshman year of high school, he also towered over all his friends by at least a foot so a growth spurt was likely a cause of his physique. Wonder Woman: Warbringer : Theo is a gamer, programmer, and hacker who is skinny as a pole and the least muscular person in the cast, which is mostly made up of teenage girls. In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! But the fact that he manifested his Kryptonian Super Strength at an early age means that nothing he encountered as a civilian could really make him exert himself, which only enforces this trope along with Muscles Are Meaningless.

He subverts this after ten months of training, becoming as leanly muscular as most of his classmates thanks to making far more liberal use of his strength on Korusan Island. Brainbent : Resident computer nerd Sollux Captor is described as "painfully skinny". Films — Animated. Atlantis: The Lost Empire has one in the form of Milo. Kida: to Milo You are a scholar, are you not?

Fat nerd illustrations & vectors

Judging from your diminished physique and large foreheadyou are suited for nothing else! Films — Live-Action.

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More skinny ones were in Revenge of the Nerds. Owen in Let Me In is rather stereotypically nerdy. He gets horribly bullied a lot, he wears unfashionable clothes and his room has an outer space theme. He is extremely skinny, to the point he looks emaciated in his two shirtless scenes, with almost every bone in his upper body visible. Warlock played by Kevin Smith is an example of the other type. WarGames actually paired up Deezen as the skinny geek, with Maury Chaykin playing an overweight geek.

Artemis Fowl : It's a running gag that the only muscle that the titular character cares about is his brain. The rest of him is scrawny, and he's uncoordinated and small in stature. He's physically deformed in a way that makes people laugh at him, so he has been forced into the role of circus geek or jester. His short stature and long, spindly limbs has been the cause of years of ridicule and mockery. His enormous nose is assumed to be capable of holding onto things. The clown was close enough now to be seen clearly.

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His thin face drew together in front into a nose of generous planes and fleshy tip that seemed all but prehensile. His long, lean limbs and spidery body, accentuated by his costume, moved easily and with grace, but with just a suggestion of having been thrown together at random.

He was short and skinny, with an eager, slightly bent posture that always reminded me of an oversize praying mantis. Live-Action TV. Sherlocklike his literary counterpartis ridiculously skinny and claims not to eat on cases — the of times he is shown eating in six episodes could be counted on one hand. Prior to filming, Benedict Cumberbatch had another role as a cancer patient, but didn't want to shave his head because he was growing out his hair for Sherlock.

He opted to lose 15 lbs. Sheldon is described by another character as looking like a praying mantis. His Limited Wardrobe also emphasizes his lanky frame. Leonard has Height Angst and his Limited Wardrobe makes him look heavier than he is, contributing to a pseudo Fat and Skinny pairing he has with Sheldon. But, especially in the earlier seasons, Johnny Galecki is actually fairly slender himself, which can be seen whenever Leonard is just in a t-shirt.

Howard is described as looking "like a human chicken wing" in his bathing suit. Raj is as close to an aversion compared to everyone else. He's taller than Leonard and Howard but shorter than Sheldon with an average build, although his own vanity makes him often bring up his love handles.

Screech from Saved by the Bell. Steve Urkel in Family Matters. Lucas on Pretty Little Liarsa photography nerd. Plus points to the writers who actually made him look threatening and scary at one point.

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