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Hello and Welcome to the Cocktails and Conversation Podcast! When you sit down with Tony Adams to hear all his stories, you better have time on your hands and a good amount of Whiskey. Lucky for me, I had both!


When you sit down with Tony Adams to hear all his stories, you better have time on your hands and a good amount of Whiskey. Lucky for me, I had both! Tony is no exception.

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Hope you make a couple of these delish Whiskey Sours and settle in for a wild ride! Summer on Summer! So thankful to visit my friend Summer Singletary in San Francisco. She spent several years in Orlando learning how plants heal us and then gained experience worldwide.

We chat her journey with herbs, her journey to SF, and her brand new journey with the Enneagram. Plus a delish and healthy-ish Tito's Handmade Vodka Cocktail.

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Spending time with adventuring friends is quite life giving. So glad I got to share some space with Chelsea Steele. A pioneering young woman from Orlando who has made her way to Los Angeles. She has already started and sold a mini-cultural phenomenon, has a couple songs out, and is now shopping her screenplay around the LA town.

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I'm tired just thinking of doing all those things. Get the recipe and all Chelsea's wild stories in this episode. First podcast on the road! So fun to check in with my filmmaker friend, Jon Strong. We chatted moving to Los Angeles from Orlando with his family, in the middle of a pandemic.

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Jon talks and talks and we are here for it. You can decide for yourself, as I have included the recipe! Plus, she is headed to Greece in short order for her family Holiday pack me in your suitcase please!

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We would love for you to listen in! Well, we all gotta eat. I have to say we are more than blessed when it comes to incredible food and drink in Orlando! Well Cheers to new friends!

It was so fun to invite someone NEW over into my home and on the podcast this time around. So fun to chat the Enneagram in depth and get to know an incredible story of courage and new adventures! I know you will enjoy this one! She is the mastermind behind Alchemy Hair Salon.

Oh Man. Just such a delight to spend time with Kim Devitt! Kim was the second employee with Corkcicle. And what a journey it has been! Kim started in Marketing for many years and has done a fantastic job transitioning to an Manager, as per the Covid transition that we are all in!

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We chat how she came to be interested in Marketing, her cross country road trip, how the knowing your Enneagram impacts so many areas of life, and how she built an expansive following for an incredible global, yet local, drink-ware brand! Super inspired is how I feel when I hear what Sorcha is up to! Her story is super fascinating and is so relatable! Some people have a clear cut path and others of us have a journey to find our way, but eventually we get there! Sorcha is bringing some incredible things to Orlando in the art world for people of color.

As are these Waterloo Antique Gin Negronis!

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Hope you will enjoy this convo as much as we did. So sweet to spend time with a sweet friend, who happens to have lived a few lifetimes already … at the age of 26! Casey graduated in the top handful of students out of over 60, at UCF a few years ago. Since then, she has gone on to work with tech companies and start-ups and is now building community at Credo Conduit. Listen in as we chat about the things that really affect us from our childhood.

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She arrived on the scene about 4 years ago to open the beautifully curated New General Storebut she has a pretty incredible story before she landed here with us in the Orlando area! We sipped on some lovely Blueberry Bourbony Drinks and I learned so much. I know you will too! When one of the most interesting folks in Orlando comes over for a drink and a chat, it makes for a good day! Kyle has started many things over the years. He is currently working in some really interesting areas of Racial Reconciliation. Plus we learn we grew up in almost the same area in Virginia!

Crazy world out there! Happy New Year Darlings! So glad to finally get a NEW podcast out. Kate and I have known one another for 15 years. We have seen each other through a lot of our adult lives. We switched up the convo a little for this interview. We chat all the British Crime shows that we have watched….

And we take a deep dive into Meyers-Briggs vs the Enneagram. I could gush on Orlando all day. One thing that I treasure the most is the fascinating people that make up this City! Joseph Hayes easily makes that list for me! Plus he has a whole history of his many careers and how he landed in Orlando! Hope you will too! What would Orlando town be without some of the best eats in the area? The Good Salt Restaurant Group folks are some good folks. No surprise there. It was SO fun to interview my first couple. Listen in to see why! Terry Olson is most definitely one of a kind.

So glad he brought his one of a kind self over for a cocktail and a chat! Terry has long been an institution around Orlando. He now calls himself the Chief Arts Instigator in Orange County and helps to support so much of the Arts we have available to us! I made him a Waterloo Gin No. Talking with Shea Glenny makes you feel like you can get through and do anything you want! She has been in Orlando so long it feels like she has always been here.

Shea has created space for women entrepreneurs and provided support for those less business savvy. Me: slowly raises her hand. She also has created many resources for businesses to incorporate Empathy as business corporate culture, which, always, in turn actually boosts the bottom line.

As Fall approaches we sipped on Treaty Oak Whisky Sours and chat about how putting love first, really actually, changes things. There are so many aspects of what makes a community great.

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Unique people and events is just one of the contributing factors. If you haven't experienced this, I really hope you get a chance to, in real life, once we are doing that again! I got to chat with Eddie about his Journey to Orlando, what it was like being blocks away from the Twin Towers as they fell and how he fell in love with helping people share their stories. There is too much to share.

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Ever walk into a networking event or cocktail party and all you hear is superficial chit-chat?


Bartending means knowing the basics of small talk just as much as it means knowing how to mix a great drink.


Goodre helps you keep track of books you want to read.


On a recent Monday evening, about a dozen people gathered around a table at the Silverlake Independent Jewish Community Center, as Howard Seth Cohen demonstrated how to make a drink called a mule — with ginger beer, but without liquor.