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Though it is not mentioned in the Bible, the laws of modesty in Jewish life have developed into a ificant part of modern halakhic practice.

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These rules are meant to ensure that sex occurs in a way the rabbis view as appropriate. In addition to these rules, the rabbis also regulate sex itself, giving men an obligation to have sex. However, opinions differ across different Jewish movements as to whether that sexuality is to be enjoyed or is merely an obligation to be performed. A person who behaves modestly refrains from extroverted behavior that is supposed to speak of him- or herself. This expansive view also includes sexual modesty. Levi ben Gershom. The Rabbinic literature already makes extensive use of the term in its sexual connotation, albeit still not as its dominant meaning.

Thus, the Rabbis find an allusion to sexual content in the statement by Micah:. Eleazar said: What is the meaning of what is written [Mic. Can we not draw an a minori ad majus inference: if, regarding matters that are normally performed publicly, the Torah she-bi-khetav : Lit. Sukkah 49b. Judah ha-Nasi c.

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Thus, the Lit. When not specified, "Talmud" refers to the Babylonian Talmud. The Scroll of Esther is read on Purim from a parchment scroll. By virtue of the modest behavior that Boaz saw in her, he took her for a wife. In addition to representing polite and proper general social conduct, it also embodies instructions and recommendations for fitting sexual behavior see the introduction by Michael Higger, Higger 2—3. However, while the sexual connotation came to prevail in the term zeni'utthis meaning waned for derekh erez.

Our masters taught: Originally, the women used to be inside [i. It was [consequently] established that the women would sit outside and the men, inside, but this still resulted in kalut rosh. It was [then] established that the women would sit up above [in the gallery], and the men, below BT Sukkah 51b.

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A representative example of this is provided by the seventeenth-century Kabbalistic book of ethical conduct Shenei Luhot ha-Berit by R. Isaiah Horowitz — A man is to be modest in all his ways: in his food and drink, in his speech, in his walking, in his garb, and modest with his wife. As a general rule, all his actions are to be with modesty and shame, for shame is a great attribute.

The modesty required of the woman, in contrast, is almost exclusively limited to the sexual realm:. And certainly, the woman is obligated to be exceedingly modest.

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All her glory shall be within, and she is to conceal herself from every man in the world in every manner possible. Her eyes shall always be cast down and her speech moderate. Not even the smallest part of her body shall be exposed, so that no man will come to sin through what he sees. Not a one of her hairs is to be seen.

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The Zohar III: 79a placed great emphasis on this sin; and even in the most private chambers she must take care. The Oral Law tradition bases all the legal restrictions pertaining to modesty, and the barriers against arayot literally, the forbidden incestuous sexual relations; also applied in a more general sense to all forbidden behavior of a sexual natureon Lev. A few other expositions additionally derive the general prohibition of coming near the arayot from Lev.

Pedat and also based on this versereject the general prohibition. The period of the rishonim followed that of the geonim and preceded that of the a h aronim. Rishonim medieval authoritiesincluding Moses ben Maimon Rambamb. Spain, Maimonidespreferred Lev. Some of these laws were based on Deut.

Pedat, for R. This Talmudic disagreement concerning the status of the modesty strictures was continued by the Rishonim and is expressed in the difference of opinion between Maimonides and Nahmanides in Sefer ha-Mizvot Prohibition He writes:. By this prohibition we are forbidden to seek pleasure in contact with any kinswoman who is within the prohibited degrees, even though it does not go beyond such endearments as embracing, kissing and the like.

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In contrast, Nahmanides —based, inter alia, on an analysis of the Talmudic discussion in which R. There are many similar instances in Sifra and Sifrei. Following R. Pedat on this point.

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This comprehensive warning includes different prohibitions, such as that of gazing at a woman and even of looking at her clothing, as well as looking at coupling animals BT Avodah Zarah 20a—b; in the parallels, such as Sifrei on Deuteronomy,the exegesis of this verse is not limited to modesty in the sexual sphere.

A Talmudic tradition BT Sanhedrin 75a relates:. A man once set his eyes upon a certain woman, and his heart was consumed by passion [thus endangering his health]. The physicians were consulted, and they said, There is no cure for him until she cohabits. The Rabbis replied: Let him die rather then she should submit to him.

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Let her converse with him from behind a fence—Let him die rather than her conversing with him from behind a fence. The Jewish attitude to sexuality is not homogenous, but contains a broad spectrum of views, from regarding sexuality as a negative value from which one should forbear to the greatest extent possible, to viewing it in a positive light.

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These basic positions concerning sexuality and sexual desire influenced the practices governing modest behavior and the halakhic strictures that fashion the ethos of modesty. The prevalent Rabbinic view is based on a dualistic conception of the two urges within man, the good inclination and the evil urge, which is mainly, but not exclusively, identified with the sexual urge see, e.

A Talmudic narrative in The Day of Atonement, which falls on the 10 th day of the Hebrew month of Tishrei and is devoted to prayer and fasting. Yoma 69b relates that the evil inclination that incites people to engage in idolatry was annulled during the Return to Zion period, after the prayer of the returnees was answered. All that remained is the evil inclination that is identified with sexual desire, albeit of weakened intensity. There is tension between the good and evil inclinations, and it is incumbent upon man to overcome his predilection for evil by means of his proclivity for good.

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In addition to this dualistic approach, the Rabbis also voice a different, unitary conception, according to which sexual desire is not intrinsically bad. It has the potential to be harmful, just as it has the potential for good.

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Some Rabbinic sources describe it as also essential for the existence of the world. Both conceptions—the prevalent dualistic view and the less common dialectic unitary perspective—were already apparent in the early Jewish literature, such as Ben Sira and the Testaments of the Twelve Tribes see Boyarin 67—70and they continued in the Rabbinic literature. These different conceptions of the ificance and nature of human sexual desire influenced the notions of what constitutes the proper bounds of modesty.

Judaism distinguishes between obligatory duties and optional acts in the sexual relations between man and wife. Ascetic orientations sought to limit to the greatest extent possible not only sexual relations thought to be optional, but also the physical pleasures of obligatory sexual acts. Imma Shalom, the wife of R.

During intercourse, how does [your husband] conduct himself towards you? Recommendations in a similar vein, to conduct sexual relations with maximal avoidance of the accompanying pleasure, were developed as general norms in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Abraham ben David of Posqueires Rabad, — was highly influential in this direction.

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Having the proper intent of fulfilling the religious obligation while engaging in sexual relations is capable of elevating the sexual act to the level of sanctity. Jacob ben Asher — formulated the following general advice, which is not directed solely to exceptional individuals:. And also when he is with her, he should not think of his pleasure, but rather as a person who is repaying the debt that he owes, as regards her conjugal relations, and to fulfill the commandment of his Creator Arba Turim, Orah Hayyim A corresponding example of a negative approach is given by R.

Joseph Hayyim Ben Ish Haione of the leading rabbis of Baghdad in the nineteenth century, who incorporated halakhah and Kabbalah in his legal rulings; Even as regards religiously obligatory marital relations, R. Ascetic ideals, that are fed from R. ificantly, the praise for maximal avoidance of pleasure while engaging in the sexual act is reserved solely for the husband, and not the wife.

She is permitted, and entitled, to demand that her husband engage in relations with her while she is completely nude, and to fully experience physical pleasure.

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