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  • Years:
  • 45
  • Ethnic:
  • I was born in Norway
  • Eye tone:
  • I’ve got dark dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • Zodiac sign:
  • Capricorn
  • My favourite drink:
  • Beer


You walk into Starbuckssee the usual smiling face behind the counter who flutters her eyelashes, and draws hearts on your cup, making you think to yourself, "Does she like me, or is she just being really, really nice? Well, most of the time, they are just being nice, but there are times where the barista's heart races at the sight of a certain customer. Instagram Barista Life put up a funny meme with Kris Jenner looking unamused, and a caption saying "When I put a heart and a smiley face on a cute boy's cup and he doesn't immediately ask for my .


Allegation: French tv went to commercial after 1st lap of Olympic women's Can anyone verify this happened? Why have elites seemingly abandoned Mammoth Lakes, CA as a hotbed for training? Sha'Carri making a switch to Stephen Francis? UVA wtf? Kenyan 9. Kenyan sprint star Ferdinand Omanyala doesn't have any big sponsors of note.

Joe Paine Invitational. You sound like every other creepy dude at strip ts. We talk a little bit. There is chemistry. If she rejects me it will be weird because she gives me lap dances every day. This is a repeat troll thread, it has been done before.

Hahaha, honestly, I think every guy that gets coffee thinks this about the barista. Of course I am married with kids, so I have no interest in the cute, tight, little tail that makes my coffee.

I thought this about the girl I bought coffee from and was spot on. I waited months to ask her out for various reasons, and she told me later she thought I'd never do it she's shy and probably would have never asked ME out even though she wanted to. I'm pretty smooth though and am able to flirt in very subtle ways.

If you ask her out and she says no, yes things are going to be weird.

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However, if she says yes and things don't end well, you'll have to find a new place to get coffee. That's what happened to me! Its the campus coffee store. There really aren't any coffee shops nearby and it would be inconvienent for me to go there.

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Maybe I could ask her at the end of the semster which is only a few weeks away. That way if she says yes cool, if not then I wont have to deal with the weirdness. Another thing I want to add is that I'm a little jittery because I dated a girl for 3 years and this would be my first time asking someone out on a date for the first time since I asked my ex out. Not really, I've found that most baristas or coffee-pouring waitresses aren't worth a second look. The really good looking girls are making bank in real restaurants. Charlie kelly is that you? She has already banged your dad and best friend.

Get over it. You've got to learn to embrace the awkwardness. It is just as awkward for her, probably more so because she is likely weaker.

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If it goes wrong, just go in and act like you don't give a shit. Big deal.

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Be a man. Be an alpha male. Ask her if she likes anal. Ask her in front of the other employees. If she says "no," say, "well you have never tried anal with me. Don't give her the choice to say "no," just get her in your car and go drink with her.

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Next thing you know you will be lubing it up. Be the Raging Bull and ask her out! If she says no, tell her she's "missing out" and then continue with your days as normal. Also, don't tip her anymore. Showing 1 to 20 of posts.

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RE: I have a crush on a girl that works at a coffee shop. Report Thread. You are reporting this thread to the moderators for review and possible removal from the forum. Top Thre. Last post 54 minutes ago Sha'Carri making a switch to Stephen Francis?

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Last post 14 hours ago UVA wtf? Last post 11 hours ago Kenyan 9. Kenyan sprint star Ferdinand Omanyala doesn't have any big sponsors of note Last post 1 day ago Joe Paine Invitational Last post 13 hours ago. User Options. No shit. Back To Index Forum Index.

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Report Post Report. Husband Man. I go to this coffee shop everyday and get the same thing.

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So She often knows what I want even before I ask for it. Every time I go in we talk a little bit. I believe there is a little chemistry between us. How can I show her that I am interested. Also if she rejects me will it be weird because she makes coffee for me everyday.

Let me be clear: no guy should ever assume there is "chemistry" between himself and a gal unless 1 she has made physical advance toward you herself or 2 she has been receptive to a physical advance initiated by you. Do not spend endless amounts of time analyzing every detail of your conversation in the hope of gleaning insight as to whether or not there is any "chemistry" there. Just be a man and ask her out on a date and don't be offended if she declines.

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If she says yes, great. If she says no, move on.

Just ask her if she wants to grab a coffee with you sometime. Don't be shy. I loved her. Yeah- we know.

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Red Glare. Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I've seen this scenario before. Basically your friends will have to pay her to date you. Is she update?

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Its always sunny in Philly. Mike Detroit. Funny thing is this is exactly what happened to me. Coffee shop on campus, no other good ones within walking distance.

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There you are, settling in to a window seat with your almond milk chai latte, when you spot a vision across the cafe.


Girl Crush is this perfectly balanced, sweet and smooth, washed process coffee from the incredible Boza Sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec.


Their current Girl Crush is this perfectly balanced, sweet and smooth, washed process coffee from the incredible Boza Sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec.


They give you a wink amongst a crowd of customers and the Hollywood romance immediately kickstarts in your head.