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In the s, LGBTQ representation in animated series and animated films became more pronounced than it had in the s when it came to Western animation. In — GLAAD report, DuckTales was described as featuring two d in an episode, with some episodes centering on "an alien named Penumbra" who the episodes' director and writer confirmed as a lesbian, and the show The Owl House was noted as making headlines for a bisexual character named Luz, and her crush, Amity, who is lesbian, who have a "romantic storyline.

In AugustInsider found in their analysis of LGBTQ cartoon characters stretching back to the s, that "only 10 out of just 70 identified people of color Six episodes of the adult animationinspired by Sailor Moon and other magical girl animes, began airing on Syfy.

The series appeared in a new iteration on September 26, named Magical Girl Friendship Squadwith some new cast members and longer episodes.

List of animated series with lgbt characters: –present

She is later shown to have an ex-girlfriend in the fourth episode, "Anti-Fungal Spit Skanks," a classic-style anime character, named Yolanda, [9] [10] who works at urgent care center in the city. In the episode "The Real World," Pansy, who calls herself Daisy's "monogamous live-in girlfriend" is introduced, but she only exists in the dimension created by Nut's sister, Gloriana. On November 1,Hallie Cantor, a writer for the show, responded to a question on whether Daisy is trans, stated that they hadn't yet "identified her as trans or cis," [11] meaning that she could either be a cisgender lesbian or trans lesbian.

In Marchone of the series directors of CastlevaniaSam Deats, confirmed that Alucard was bisexual and Taka as gay. On May 8,the second season of The Hollowwhich premiered in Mayaired. The first episode of that season, titled "Home," features one of the show's protagonists, an Asian girl named Mira, was shown to be adopted by her two fathers, Paul and Curtis, [17] [18] and a brother named Miles.

Curtis is a Black man, while Paul is a White man. On December 12,a mature adult animation, Hoops was cancelled by Netflix after its first season received low ratings and negative reviews. On January 15,Part 3 of Disenchantment was released on Netflix. David Opie of Digital Spy said that the series is different is different from The Simpsons and doing something that the latter series "struggled with for over three decades. She talks with Mora about "past relationships, science, history, daily life, and a variety of other topics.

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Lady Bowmore, a female explorer in the steampunk city of Steamland, is described as liking Bean and that she likes her back. Jacobson later voiced a queer protagonist, Katie, in the April animated film, The Mitchells vs. In the episode, Harley Quinn saved her partner-in-crime, Poison Ivy, both kissed each other after they escaped from prison. In Junethe season 2 finale of Harley Quinn aired. In the episode, Poison Ivy had her wedding with Kite Man, a person she didn't love, interrupted. By the end of the episode, Harley Quinn and Ivy realize their feelings for each other, kissing and "finally embracing that they're soul mates" as Renaldo Metadeen of CBR put it.

In SeptemberThe Venture Bros.

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This was first asserted by show illustrator Ken Plume on September 5, [40] [41] then later confirmed by series creator Jackson Publickwith season 8 being axed. On May 12,it was announced that it will have a direct-to-video film continuation. In Septemberindependent animator Vivienne Medrano had expressed support in shipping two male characters in an animated short featuring characters from a webcomic she worked on, [49] titled ZooPhobiaafter Benjamin Diskin shipped them together.

Bellie Bivvins has a crush on a science teacher, Ms. Wendy Whippleworth. Series creator Nico Colaleo, who had created Too Loud a few years before, described how Bellie wanted to tell "her crush how she feels" with butterflies from her tummy as the "physical manifestation of her anxiety " and praised fan art of Bellie and Wendy.

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On February 16,Duncanville began broadcasting on Fox. He and Ham became a couple. The show would feature Chico, a naive and chubby cat, who is implied to be a transgender male [61] and is gay for Kevin. On October 8,the creator of Star Trek: Lower Deckswhich aired on CBS All AccessMike McMahan confirmed that Captain Amina Ramsey was Beckett Mariner's former lover at Starfleet Academy, even though it wasn't explicit, saying that "every Starfleet officer is probably at the baseline bisexual" in a sense, and that they did not "intentionally mean for anybody to be strictly heteronormative or straight or cis.

He is voiced by openly gay actor Andrew Rannells.

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The first season had premiered on Netflix in May Tuca is a female anthropomorphic toucan who has shown interest in both men and women. In the first episode of Season 5 of Rick and Mortywhich aired on June 20,it was confirmed that the father of Morty, Jerry Smith, is queer because he, and Beth, his wife, have a threesome with the King of the Ocean, otherwise known as Mr. Nimbus, and due to the fact he has a wife, it means he is either pansexual or bisexual, with both he and Beth in a "sex-positive place" in their relationship, according to Jerry's voice actor, Chris Parnell.

In the season 2 episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks"We'll Always Have Tom Paris", which aired on August 26,Mariner tells Tendi that she has dated "bad boys, bad girls, bad gender non-binary babes, [and] ruthless alien masterminds," meaning that she could be pansexual. Cerritosand the prince of Hysperia is asexual because he had no interest in having sex with either the male guard or the female guard.

In this animated adaptation of the Twitter of the same name, Daniel, Diane Dubrowski's nephew, foregoes going to Stanford University and spends a "Gap Year" instead, and had just realized that he is gay. The s would see the continuation and premiere of young adult animated series on RoosterTeethNetflixand other platforms. Badiola said that if there was a full season, while Arizal's sexuality and gender would be explored, and that there were a "lot" of LGBTQ characters in a "show proper" they originally pitched.

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It became a shining example of expanded representation. The stakes were higher than ever before, with more danger than the season, according to Stevenson, as the season has "a core of optimism to it" with the characters discovering who "they are and following the path that each of them has. On February 28,Devon Giehl, lead writer of The Dragon Princesaid that the writers intended for the romantic interest between Amaya and Janai to start at the end of season 3, and explicitly confirmed them as lesbian characters who like each other.

In SeptemberAmber Vanich, a story revisionist for Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure revealed that Cassandra "Cass" was gay coded, with sapphic looks toward the story's protagonist, Rapunzeland that some of these feelings are shown in the episode about memory loss. In the summer ofthe Adventure Time: Distant Lands series, the name for four hour-long streaming television specials based on the American animated television series Adventure Timebegan streaming on HBO Max.

On June 25, the first episode of that series dropped. This episode, titled "BMO," introduced Y5, an anthropomorphic rabbit and teenage scientist between age 11 and 13 who lives in The Drift. Voice actress Glory Curda later argued that Y5's story has a lot of context and is representative of coming out into your own identity and defining yourself with whatever terms are comfortable for you.

Marcy is a confirmed bisexual character, as she dated male characters in the past, while Bonnie is more ambiguous, as her exact sexuality has not yet been confirmed. A few days before the premiere, Mey Rude described Bonnie and Marcy living a "happy, gay life together" which they always deserved, and predicted that the series would be full of "action, brand new songs, and classic Adventure Time weirdness and heart.

ClubWilliam Hughes gave this episode an A, calling it "fan service at its finest" with "plenty of the usual lovely Adventure Time touches". After the episode aired, Rebecca Long also gave a positive review of the episode in Polygon. She wrote that the episode gives fans the "emotional payoff and answers" they have been yearning for and that the special uses the plot to explore Marceline's childhood trauma, her romantic history with Bubblegum, how the two are interconnected, and fills in gaps about her past.

In Aprilthe same month, DuckTalespremiered two characters, Indy and Ty, the guardians of Violet Sabrewing and the foster fathers of Lena Sabrewing, who were slated to be recurring characters. On July 7,Dana Terracethe creator of The Owl Houseimplied a romantic subtext between Amity and Luz, when responding to a fan who posted a screenshot from the upcoming episode " Enchanting Grom Fright " on Twitterwhich showed one of the characters in the show, Amity Blight, putting her hands on the shoulders of Luz Nocedathe show's main protagonist, and looking into Luz's eyes.

In episodes, Luz had shown interest in male characters but had begun to grow closer to Amity. On the other hand, Amity is shown to have a crush on Luz, confirming her to be lesbian or bisexual.

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In the episode, Luz and Amity dance together, while casting spells, to defeat "Grom," a demon that manifests as their deepest fears. The animation supervisor for the show, Spencer Wan, hinted at this, referring to their intimate dance, which he storyboarded with Hayley Foster, as "the gay thing" [] and the first time he got to "do anything even remotely queer.

The series will include Barry and Randall Leibowitz-Jenkins as the adoptive parents of Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, an interracial gay couple. Smith and Ralph Farquhar, said that the "show never really went away" and called it the "perfect time to bring back this show. On May 17, it was announced that The Owl House would be renewed for two more seasons. In early Junein celebration of Pride MonthDisney unveiled new merchandise and tweeted an illustration. One reviewer, Mey Rude said that the episode pushes forward the relationship between Luz and Amity, with Amity putting her job as a librarian in jeopardy to help Luz, while the latter goes through trials to get Amity her job back, and Amity kissing Luz on the cheek.

Another reviewer noted that Luz and Amity were beginning to "understand their feelings for one another.

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The subsequent episode, "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door", which aired on July 31, reveals that Eda and Raine were formerly dating, before breaking up. Sugar argued that the series made a point about shoune anime and kids cartoons, with the aftermath of victories generally not explored, stating that the series explores the aftermath of the victory in the Season 5 finale, with the protagonist, Steven, having to face his problems head-on. Let's Be Heroes were married at the end of the series.

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In an episode that month, Lainey, one of Lynn's roller derby team, is dating a girl named Alice. In the original series, she was married to a man Howard DeVille.

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In the reboot, Betty is a gay single mother. Morales described the character as a "single mom with her own business who has twins" but still hangs out with her community and friends, even casually talking about her ex-girlfriend.

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In JuneKevin Sullivan, a story editor for The Loud House told Insider that no one stopped him from using the word "lesbian" as part of a storyline involving Luna and Sam, her crush, and that he was proud of the whole episode. The episode, titled "Dogbot," featured Dr. Mulberry, the two moms of Samantha Mulberry. Mulberry, who is a veterinarian, is voiced by Maggie Cassellaan openly lesbian actress. In Februaryin Instagram Live interview, Duane Capizzithe showrunner of Carmen Sandiegosaid that it was intentional that Le Chevre also known as Jean Paul and El Topo also known as Antonio were together, and that they were always seen as a pair, and confirmed them as a couple, saying their philosophy was to "show, and not tell.

Thomas is voiced by transgender child actor Blue Chapman. In fallDeadEndia will air on Netflix.

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Steele explained how the show changed from its original iteration on Cartoon Hangover inand the graphic novels that followed it, [] stating that he is grateful for showrunners who fought for LGBTQ characters in their shows, adding that there was "absolutely no pushback from Netflix about representation," while describing Barney as a trans male character. In the s, various animated films with LGBTQ characters were released on physical formats, in theaters, and on streaming platforms.

Some implied there were gay undertones in Luca. On March 6,Onwardcomputer-animated urban fantasy adventure filmwas released. In the film, Officer Specter briefly appears and in one scene she discusses her girlfriend's daughter pulling her hair out.

Constantine's voice actor, Matt Ryanwould describe Constantine Shark as in a gay relationship. This short Pixar film revolves around Greg attempting to hide a framed photo of him and his boyfriend, Manuel, from his parents, out of fear for their disapproval. The seventh short film in the SparkShorts series, it is both Disney's and Pixar's first short to feature a gay main character and storyline, including an on-screen same-sex kiss. In FebruaryDeadline reported that the film adaptation of Nimona was cancelled due to the shutdown of Blue Sky Studios. I mourn for those who would have found a vision of themselves in an animated version".

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Some argued that the film felt "gay" even if not "explicitly queer," and more ambiguous, comparing it to the animated film, Wolfwalkers. The series would focus on themes of sexuality and gender while revolving around a young prince who finds out he has magical powers which "have traditionally been exclusive to princesses," even though he has "none of the natural skills that princes are supposed to have," leading to the entire kingdom and his family panicking at this discovery.

Vogel said that this series targets those ages 6—9, serving as an allegory for acceptance of LGBTQ people, and that he is writing the "minute origin story pilot" while production was said to begin in summer On August 15,Lena Dean of Bitch noted that writers and showrunners have wanted to push for onscreen queer representation, but said it still risky.

She hoped that in the future there would be "more meaningful representation" especially for transgenderasexualnon-binaryand "queer characters of color," noting that there is such a demand for audiences for this diversity, noting that in the past there were only "background gay characters" which meant that queer people couldn't see themselves as protagonists.

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