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Due to Latino workers being overrepresented in industries that have been hit hardest by the pandemic, Latinos have faced large losses in employment, particularly among Latinas in the service industry. Hispanic or Latina women have also seen disproportionate economic impacts.

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Women ed for percent of U. Notably, Black and Latino Americans are being hit hardest by this economic crisis because of the structural and institutional racism that preceded it. The U. While racial and ethnic wealth and earnings gaps existed prior to the pandemic, the fact that job losses have fallen disproportionately on communities of color means that these gaps have widened massively.


For Latinos and other communities of color, returning to normalcy in a timely fashion is crucial, as occupational segregation and systemic racism have led them to have relatively lower levels of wealth and earnings than non-Hispanic whites. The economic shock caused by the COVID pandemic has rocked labor markets, and the industries that are most reliant on consumer spending have felt its effects most acutely.

Between February 1,and April 1,consumer spending dropped by 30 percent overall. During the same time period, consumer spending on entertainment and recreation decreased by 69 percent, and spending on restaurants and hotels dropped by 68 percent.

Yet this drop is eclipsed by the drops in spending on entertainment and recreation and spending on restaurants and hotels, which were down 53 percent and 38 percent, respectively, as of January 1,compared with February 1, The stunted recovery in these industries poses a serious problem for Latino workers, who tend to be overrepresented in the jobs that support them.

Inthe latest year for which detailed occupational data by race and ethnicity are available, 9 percent of all Hispanic or Latino workers were employed in food preparation and serving-related occupations, compared with just 6 percent of the overall workforce. More granular employment data on the racial and ethnic breakdown of occupational reveal that Latino workers not only disproportionately work in the most heavily affected sectors, but also that they are less likely to hold managerial positions.

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This means that they often work for very low wages with little job stability and few benefits. For example, Hispanics or Latinos represent 18 percent of the overall workforce and for 27 percent of total food preparation and serving-related occupations. They represent 37 percent of cooks, 12 yet are underrepresented in food service manager positions, representing just less than 20 percent of these roles.

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The situation for Latina workers is even bleaker, as they tend to be even more overrepresented in these employment than male Latino workers and are subjected to the intersection of gender and ethnic discrimination. These disparities can be clearly seen in recent employment data. The initial employment shock from the COVID pandemic led to an increase in the Hispanic or Latino seasonally adjusted unemployment rate—from 4 percent in February to Black Americans experienced a similar In Januarythe Hispanic unemployment rate was still 4.

White workers, on the other hand, experienced a much quicker rebound, as their unemployment rate was just 2.

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At the onset of the recession in Aprilthe labor force participation rate dropped by 4. Alarmingly, Hispanic women workers experienced an even more precipitous drop in their labor force participation rate; the rate for Hispanic women dropped by 5. At the beginning ofthe 4. While Hispanic or Latina women workers have seen devastating job losses due to overrepresentation in the hardest-hit industries, they are also leaving the labor force at greater rates than Hispanic or Latino men because they have shouldered more of the increased caregiving responsibilities during the pandemic.

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Between Q4 and Q4full-time Hispanic or Latino workers saw their median weekly earnings increase at a rate of 2. For Latina mothers— For non-Hispanic white households, food insufficiency increased by 2. In comparison, the increase for non-Hispanic white households over the same time period was 0. Housing too has become more unaffordable for Hispanic or Latino families.

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Among Black households, that figure was also a startling 40 percent, while it was only 19 percent among non-Hispanic white households. Given the unique nature of the pandemic and the resulting recession, the upcoming relief package needs to address several key issues in order to ensure that all communities—especially communities of color, which are most at risk—experience as little harm as possible going forward.

For starters, a more equitable rollout of the various COVID vaccines will ensure that infection, hospitalization, and death rates do not remain disproportionate—or become more so—among the Latino community. According to data collected in the month following December 14,by the U. Moreover, 31 percent of Hispanics or Latinos are essential workers.

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The American Rescue Plan should include critical support for renters and homeowners on the brink of eviction and foreclosure. Moreover, Hispanic households are far likelier to be overcrowded—meaning that they contain more than one person per room—than households of any other racial or ethnic group. Without such help, Latino families will be at even higher risk of homelessness and exposure to COVID than they already are.

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Immediate congressional action is necessary to prevent more widespread suffering and economic damage in the Latino community and other vulnerable communities. But in order to ensure that the economic recovery is equitable, the Biden administration should work toward longer-term solutions as well.

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In the next COVID relief bill, Congress should reinstate and expand emergency paid leave in order to guarantee that all workers have access to it throughout the pandemic. Both emergency paid leave and child care are critical to supporting mothers, including Latinas, who have heightened caregiving responsibilities because of the pandemic. Congress should likewise boost the earned income tax credit EITC so that those who are employed but still struggling receive additional financial support.

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Finally, Congress should ensure that undocumented immigrants—the vast majority of whom are Latino—are included in future relief measures and are granted a pathway to legal citizenship. This oversight meant that some 5.

Latinos face disproportionate health and economic impacts from covid

House of Representatives in —to provide permanent protection and a pathway to citizenship for undocumented essential workers and their families, Dreamers, and Temporary Protected Status holders. Such a program would stimulate the economy, create jobs, and raise the average wages of all Americans, as well as strengthen worker power and help advance racial equity in the recovery. It is hard to say with certainty when the economy will regain a sense of normalcy. This means that workers—especially Latino workers and other workers of color—will continue to face obstacles to maintaining both physical and financial security.

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Since Latinos have been disproportionately negatively affected in the U. As Congress continues to negotiate the terms of the next COVID relief bill, it should make sure to provide relief to the most at-risk workers and people in the country. A more equitable vaccine rollout, expanded and extended unemployment benefits, boosts to the CTC and EITC, expanded rental assistance, and protections against evictions and foreclosures would go far toward protecting vulnerable Latino households, as would ensuring that undocumented workers are able to benefit from any future relief.

As the country learned in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the costs of doing too little far outweigh the costs of not doing enough. Download the PDF here.

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A young man and woman decide to take their friendship to the next level without becoming a couple, but soon discover that adding sex only le to complications.


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Latinos are family-oriented and it is not surprising that they value their relationships with others.


A young man and woman decide to take their friendship to the next level without becoming a couple, but soon discover that adding sex only le to complications.