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Oftentimes, coworkers have communication breakdowns, with both sides of an argument leaving the meeting feeling frustrated. To improve difficult conversations, try these three things.



Learning how to talk less and listen more makes you a stronger conversationalist. So, there are a few reasons why you might want to talk less, listen more, and become a better conversationalist.

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So, why would you want to focus less on communicating your own thoughts and becoming a better listener? Everyone has unique experiences, skills, and talents that you can learn from. You might even decide together on a dual approach.

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We had some great conversations, and they were really interesting. Now, try to think about the last date you went on that was truly terrible this one might come to mind more easily. Chances are, they spoke about themselves the whole time and barely asked any questions about you.

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This phenomenon applies not only to romantic relationships but to interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. Why is it that so many successful people are able to walk into a room and instantly command attention? Sure, their success itself is an influencing factor: people want to hear what successful people have to say.

When they do speak, what they say has more impact. Their speech is more concise and more relevant to the conversation at hand than those who speak more regularly.

Helping children develop conversation skills

You might strongly disagree with the viewpoints of your co-workers. However, the last thing you want to do is get into a heated argument and negatively impact the office culture.

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Learning how to speak less and listen more helps you to keep your own opinions close to your chest and allows you to dig deeper into the mindset of others. Maybe you let slip some information that was supposed to be kept private. By learning how to talk less and listen more, you give yourself space to develop your ideas.

Sound like you?

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What problems at school are worrying you?

Talk less, listen more: 6 reasons it pays to learn the art By Maggie Wooll. July 29, - 12 min read.

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6 reasons why you should speak less and listen more

Productivity Professional Development. Maggie Wooll Head of Insights.

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Your child learns a lot about conversations from talking and listening with you.


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As you might suppose, the extent and balance among the features varies depending on grade level, curriculum area, and personalities of students or teachers.