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  • Years old:
  • 35
  • Ethnicity:
  • American
  • Eyes:
  • Large hazel green
  • Hair:
  • Ash-blond
  • My Zodiac sign:
  • Scorpio
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Whisky
  • My hobbies:
  • Fishing
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  • None


It was released as a single on 22 May and was the first released from the band's eighth album, Riot City Blues. It became the band's highest-charting in the United Kingdom as well as their first UK top-five entry and their third top-ten single. In the band's native Scotland, the song reached three on the Scottish Singles Chartbecoming their most successful single since " Kowalski " in UK enhanced CD single [4]. European 7-inch single [1].


Now she runs a care home in Switzerland, where she remains unrepentant — and a little bit scary. T he walk to Matrusaden up the hill from the bus stop in the village of Maisprach is a hot one today. This is chocolate-box rural Switzerland. The owner, a delicate-looking Indian woman in her late 60s, comes out to greet me and we sit down in the shade. Sheela Birnstiel, ly known as Ma Anand Sheela, was, in the early s, personal secretary to Bhagwan Shree Rajneeshthe guru and leader of the Rajneesh movement.

During a period when Bhagwan vowed silence, she was his voice.

When Bhagwan and his followers were forced out of Pune, in India, inthey relocated to Wasco County, Oregon, and built a city, Rajneeshpuram, in the middle of nowhere where they could practise his mix of eastern mysticism, western philosophy and free love. To the Oregonian locals they were a dangerous sex cult. There was an arms race, arson, espionage, drugs, Learjets and Rolls-Royces, immigration fraud, and a bioterror attack in which the salad bars of several restaurants were infected with salmonella and dozens of people were hospitalised.

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Sheela ended up in jail. Should I trust the biscuits, I wonder. Sheela, who is 69 and a half, is a little frail at the moment, she says; she hurt her back trying to stop a patient from falling and she is in a bit of pain. Another of her patients — Cristina, who has been at the home for 15 years — comes over to say hello.

It seems like a peaceful, happy place. I am feeling more confident about the biscuits.

In Wild Wild Country, Sheela comes across as obsessed with Bhagwan; for her, it was — and still is — all about him. But she is also manipulative and power hungry; she does some bad things. But then she was a powerful woman way back in the 80s.

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Plus she said what she thought and she got things done — not least building a city for 10, people, complete with a shopping centre, pizza parlour, meditation hall and an airport. She has heard the word, the badass one, in connection with herself. Does she like it?

Would she describe herself as a feminist?

"man! i feel like a woman!"

I describe myself as me. Well, the fact that she was in charge and it looked like there was some kind of equality there. Or at least that was the intention, I guess. But on that subject, what about all the sex? Is that free-love approach more of a male utopia than a female one? While females have been, until now, in a place of oppression, men have always been given more freedom.

From that point of view, your analysis is accurate, that it is a male idea. And, of course, this open speaking about sex came from Bhagwan and he is also male, so one can say it is a male idea. We see it also in animals. Does she feel there was sexual equality at Rajneeshpuram? Did she, does she, enjoy power?

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You must have wanted it? My father always said I must always speak, whether people understand and do me justice or not. I must speak my experience; it is very huge and they all can learn a lot through me, they can be inspired. Such as?

I was already gone then. So, for me, that part was new. She is talking about when, after the net was closing in on her, she escaped from Rajneeshpuram not, she points out, sneaking off as has been suggested, but waved off by people at the airport.

It must have been upsetting to see that? It made me sad that he had to stoop to that level. A man of his calibre does not have to go there; it only shows his sorrow that I left. I love the man, I still love him. And he loved her back. You can see it in photographs of them together, she says.

The way he looks at her, in his eyes. Did they have sex?

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We are taught to associate sex with love, to compensate. I can tell someone I want to go to bed with [them], I have no qualms about it and enjoy being in bed. And if I love somebody, I love somebody — they are two separate events. It was a very powerful creative project. OK, time to talk about the crimes, I think. The US attorney prosecuted crimes related to the restaurant poisonings. In the end, with time off for good behaviour including painting her prison unitshe spent only 39 months in prison. OK, so what about the shocking episode in which thousands of homeless people were bussed in to rig a local election?

"gunpowder and lead"

You were using them, cynically, for your own political needs. I was told this by a politician. While we are on politics, I want to know if she, as a former cultist, can see any cult-like behaviour in the current US administration? And this is when Sheela gets cross, steely and a bit scary. Not so much about the Trump comparison, but about my use of the C-word. Nobody told me to go to Bhagwan, we each came from our own journeys. The gates were always open if someone wanted to leave, it was not confinement.

I find this approach to negate something by calling it a cult so disrespectful. It was a way of life, not a cult, she tells me. Oh, and she is no Trump fan either. I just about pluck up the courage to say that I saw her somewhere being compared to the presidential counsellor Kellyanne Conway.

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She points out things in the view: the hill called Sonnenberg — Mountain of the Sun — and the vineyards Sheela gave up drinking wine after working with alcoholics. How would she feel if 10, Oregonians suddenly arrived and set up home in this lovely valley, I wonder.

The prejudice flowed in both directions. Sheela shows me a remembrance stone to her parents that features a photo.

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Her father, with a long beard, looks not unlike Bhagwan. There are more photos of her parents on the walls inside. And there are lots of photos of Bhagwan, and of them together, including one of Sheela with her eyes closed while he touches her forehead with his finger, as if blessing her. What were you celebrating? Actually, the champagne photo was taken on the plane on which they flew out of India when they left for the US in They booked the entire top deck.

Matrusaden seems like a brilliant place, open and integrated and warm. We take people where they are; people must not comply to our needs, we comply to their needs. I meet more of the 29 patients, who are playing bingo with the therapist who comes in four times a week. They come from Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil and Vietnam. There are 15 nationalities in total, between staff and patients.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

Lots of them — both staff and patients — have been there for many years. Does it bother them that the boss is an international criminal? They laugh.

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No, they see her working from 7am to 7pm seven days a week, dedicated and committed to caring for the patients. They could just be saying that because Sheela is in the room, of course. Would I like some watermelon before heading down the hill? Is it safe?

I actually ask it this time. Sam Wollaston. Mon 25 Jun . Reuse this content.

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