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  • I'm 30 years old
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  • Thick auburn hair
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  • My figure features is plump
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  • Gin
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If I had the confidence, I would wear my style and not be worried about what people said to me or the looks they gave me.


Have you ever had the thought, " If only I were more confident as a man then I would get that raise at work, the pretty girl would give me attention, or I would be able to pitch my business idea and find investors. Let's be honest at some point in life if you probably had some form of thought along those lines. The desire and value of confidence is something spread far and wide throughout men. Sure they might not overtly say, " I wish I was more confident.

I think before we get into some practical ways for you to grow in confidence as a man it is important to define confidence, that way we are in agreement on the terms of what you are desiring to attain. Merriam-Websters Definition: a feeling or consciousness of one's powers or of reliance on one's circumstances. So, now that we have established a baseline for what confidence is let's jump into 15 ways you can become more confident as a man.

Be sure to take into consideration as you read through these points you may be strong in some and weak in others. I suggest you find the points you are lacking in the most and start practicing there! Good luck on your journey!

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A man of confidence often has a motivation and determination nurtured and developed through an articulate clear vision. This takes skill and time to develop but is a tangible reality for everyone. Napolean had a vision, and it gave him the confidence to make military maneuvers that caught the world off guard.

He had a confidence that empowered him to do the unthinkable all because of his vision.

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You might be asking yourself how do I get a vision for my life? This is a difficult question to answer as every person has a different trajectory for their life. I will say this though; I heard Jordan Peterson say something beautiful on this topic, he stated something along the lines of, " If you don't have a vision for your life, lessen suffering of some form or fashion. I think that is a beautiful foundation for building a vision for your life if you lack direction. Other essential steps you can take are the following.

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Think about old dreams and goals and determine if they need to be let go in order to make room for bigger and better dreams. This will allow you to see if it is realistic and worth fighting for. Be okay with changing what your vision is. This does not mean making it simpler, no, this just means letting it grow and develop just like you have as a human.

This is a good starting point to grow in confidence.

The secret to being a more confident man

The dream and vision you possess are like fertilizer for confidence to develop in your life. Have you ever be halfway through a project and a colleague or co-worker walks up and questions what you are doing and why you are doing it that way. At that moment you will find out if you are confident or not. If you know, yourself and the skills you possess this type of questioning will not destabilize you, but if you are insecure, you may react with anger or frustration.

This is a that you have room to grow in self-confidence and knowing yourself.

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So what are some ways to know yourself or grow in this area? Put the work in. The more repetitions you do, the more confident you become in yourself and your abilities.

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Take some time to reflect on what your personal strengths and weaknesses are. This will give you the ability to realistically evaluate yourself and give you the confidence to know when you are and are not capable. Ask your friends and colleagues what they view as your strengths and weaknesses. This will empower you and give you confidence when you start seeing patterns of what is said. Take some personality tests.

Check your for your guide!

This will teach you how you think and why you think what you think. This is a valuable tool to use when discover one's self. These are just a few practical ways that I have personally found help a man discover himself. There are many more so if this is an area you want more tips in reach out and let me know.

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The difference between a confident and insecure man can be as simple as one takes action and the other doesn't. They may both experience the same feelings of fear, apprehension, or anxiety. Yet, the confident man does not let that hold him back. Whereas the insecure man does. Confident men take action on a daily basis.

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This allows them to put the repetitions in to learn that fear, anxiety, and the unknown are all normal feelings that every human experiences and is confronted by. Strengthening the muscle of action empowers you to push through and keep moving forward.

50 traits of a confident man

Here are some practical steps to help you take action daily to help you grow in confidence as a man. Do something you don't want to on a regular basis. When you feel fear or anxiety ask yourself why and then if possible make yourself push through it. Create tangible daily projects that build towards your desired goal. Ask yourself if the cost of inaction is worth it.

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Those are some simple ways for you to get started on your journey. Do not overwhelm yourself with unrealistic expectations. In order to do this for the long haul, you need to make sure you break things down into simple daily or weekly steps, so you do not burn out.

If you have ever tried to learn anything new, heck if you have tried to learn how to ride a bike, quickly you will realize that in order to attain your goal you will need to be okay with failure. This practical truth is so potent and impactful. If you can stomach this and put it into practice, you will inevitably become a more confident man. Men who are able to accept the fact that they will fail can break the power of shame that holds so many humans back from ever trying or attempting to attain the desired goal.

When you can embrace failure as proof of action, you will become a more confident man. Be self-aware this will allow you to know when you are letting shame hold you back. Ask yourself if you are not trying something because you are afraid of failing. If this is true ask yourself why you are scared. This will usually disarm the power it has over you. Force yourself to do things that you are horrible at. Learn a new sport, try a board game for the first time, or start a new hobby that you have no knowledge in.

This will get you used to not being good at something which lessens the pain of failure. If you are able to put those few steps into practice, you will be well on your way to being a confident man who is okay with failure. Have you ever met a confident man that had lousy hygiene, was grossly unhealthy, and just possessed a mountain of self-hatred? I doubt it A breeding ground for confidence in your life comes from a place of self-care. Confident men take care of themselves because they have self-value. This perpetuates and stimulates self-confidence and growth.

On the front end starting this snowball effect may seem daunting but do not let that stop you. Here are a few practical ways you can start taking care of yourself today. Work on personal hygiene. Eat healthier food. Start researching what this would look like and find out why it is crucial.

If you are in a toxic environment at work or where you live, start to make plans on how to get out. These are some great tips on how to get a jumpstart in the arena of self-care.

S of self confidence

The important thing is to keep doing it! It is a journey, not a one-day event. Have you ever met an athlete or businessman who has taken an insane risk that just baffles you? It is as though their self-confidence is out of this world!

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Well, that type of confidence in men comes from the constant pursuit and action of pushing one's self to new limits. They did not just wake up one day being able to do that. It was through the constant practice of pushing one's self to new limits.

The surest s of a confident man

The acceptance of discomfort as a reality, not an inhibitor. Push yourself as far as you can. So, you might be asking how can you practically start pushing yourself to new limits?

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