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De Russen weten hier echter niets van en het lijkt een val te zijn van de geheimzinnige en criminele organisatie SPECTRE om Bond te doden, als wraak op de dood van hun vooraanstaande medewerker Dr. Mensen met smaak! Mescaline schreef :. Ben van plan de films met Connery en de films met Moore te gaan kijken, de nieuwere bond films interesseren mij helemaal niks en ik ben van mening dat Daniel Craig een overgewaardeerd acteur is, maar dat is weer een hele andere discussie.


James Bond willingly falls into an assassination plot involving a naive Russian beauty in order to retrieve a Soviet encryption device that was stolen by S. James Bond : Red wine with fish. Well, that should have told me something. Donald "Red" Grant : You may know the right wines, but you're the one on your knees.

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How does it feel old man? In. Play clip Action Adventure Thriller. Director Terence Young. Top credits Director Terence Young. Clip Bond 25 Returns to 's Origins.

Photos Top cast Edit. Bernard Lee 'M' as 'M'. Walter Gotell Morzeny as Morzeny. Aliza Gur Vida as Vida.

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Vladek Sheybal Kronsteen as Kronsteen. Terence Young. More like this.

From russia with love ()

Storyline Edit. James Bond is on the search for a Russian decoding machine, known as "Lektor". Bond needs to find this machine, before the evil S. While being romantically linked with Russian girl, Tatiana Romanova, Bond sneaks his way around Istanbul, while each S.

Agent tries to pick him off, including the over powering Donald "Red" Grant and ex K. Agent Rosa Klebb, who knows all of the tricks in the book, and even possesses an incredible poison tipped shoe. The world's masters of murder pull out all the stops to destroy Agent ! Did you know Edit. Trivia Sir Sean Connery called this movie his personal favorite of his Bond movies. Goofs Making their escape by train, Bond and Tatiana are given cover documents to aid their escape.

They briefly discuss the particulars of their cover identities and from that point on they should assume that they are being observed, so should always maintain their covers. Just a moment later, James opens the compartment door and loudly calls her "Tania".

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No well-trained spy would ever make such a basic mistake. Quotes James Bond : Red wine with fish. Crazy credits Ernst Blofeld's actor is credited as "? Connections Featured in Goldfinger User reviews Review. Top review.

From russia with love

Classic Bond. Following the surprising success of Dr No, it became obvious that Broccoli and Saltzman's next step as producers would be other cinematic adaptation of Ian Fleming's work. Trying to capture the unique mood and look of Dr No, the producers brought back almost everyone involved in the first Bond outing excepting mediocre composer Monty Norman, whose clumsy tunes were replaced by a magnificent John Barry's score, in his first "official" collaboration in the Bond series.

This includes Broccoli's long-standing collaborator Terence Young, screenwriter Richard Maibaum ,and, of course, Connery, that rough Scottsman, initially despised by everybody as a "lorry driver"who nevertheless delivered an unforgettable performance as James Bond. All these talents combined to produce what no doubt is one the best Bond films of all time.

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Contrasting with the over the top story lines which would very soon become synonymous with Bond, From Russia With Love is a gritty and realistic Cold War thriller,filled up with sex violence and pure excitement. Terence Young considers this to be his best Bond film, and the movie proves him right.

It is full of stylish shots the famous close-up of Romanova's lips while Bond says "your mouth is just the right size" and really hot by the 60's standards seduction sequences. Even the back projection, a technical device often unfairly criticizedworks wonderfully.

Coronavirus: what does ‘from russia with love’ really mean?

Although many have criticized the action sequences following Bond's scape from the train, I think they're excellent, adding to the film's sense of danger and excitement. The helicopter chase, in particular, is a moment of brilliant film-making.

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And it's even better than the sequence From North By Northwest that inspired it The shot of Bond and Romanova embracing in the foreground with the helicopter exploding in the background perfectly encapsulates what the entire movie is about:danger, romance, violence. As for the cast, Connery seems more confident and relaxed this time, but when it comes to his job, he is as ruthless and cold as Fleming originally envisioned the character.

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But it is legendary supporting actor Robert Shaw who nearly steals the show as a cold-blooded hit-man with a psychotic strain to him. All in all, From Russia With Love is definitely a must-see not only for Bond fans, but for every discerning film lover. A true classic. ThomasHayden Sep 9, FAQ Why did Bond tell Tania they were going to rob the consulate on the 14th when he really intended to do it on the 13th?

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What is "From Russia with Love" about? Is "From Russia with Love" based on a book? Details Edit.

From russia with love

Release date May 27, United States. United Kingdom.

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MGM United States. English Russian Turkish Romany.

Eon Productions. Box office Edit.

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Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 55min. Related news. Feb 10 ScreenRant. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Top Gap. What is the Hindi language plot outline for From Russia with Love ? Edit. Hollywood Stars in Their Early Roles.

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Russia's latest gesture in the coronavirus crisis came in the form of medical supplies arriving in New York - part of an operation dubbed "from Russia with love" by the Kremlin.