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  • I'm 38 years old
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  • Latvian
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  • Man
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  • I’ve got cold green eyes
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  • English, Czech
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  • Gemini
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I am a married man and writing all these things can be dangerous to my life.


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Both men are dressing. You're not a blooming cock robin, to take no thought for the morrow. And have you got rid of it off your mind, Dr Grainger? My word, but you're looking well, you're a sight better than when you come.

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Isn't he, Mr Brentnall? You are a married man, and you mean to abide by your family? Look what a fiendish business it is, offering yourself and being refused like a dog. I was careful enough with the girl--I never thought, to tell you the truth, that--here's Jack! No, but they are, Billy, real nice girls.

Three sisters, orphans. I'm glad you've come, because it levels us up. I believe you're a nice chap. Don't you take me wrong. I mean you're not one of these damn sods as can see nowt in a girl but--you know. JACK: Oh no, no. Nothing of the sort: only they are nice girls--you see what I mean--oh no, Billy I want you t'have a good time. You see what I mean. I'm willing to step aside. You're here only for a bit--I'm always here. So I want you I'm willing any road. A long, low dining-room -- table laid for supper -- bowls of crimson and white flowers, a large lamp -- an old-fashioned room, furnished with taste.

She walks about restlessly.

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He's gone round to "The George" with Jack--some arrangement about farm stock. He takes both her hands, which she offers him yearningly, and, after glancing round, kisses her hastily, as if unwillingly.

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Where's Emily? I hope they'll get rid of her before Jack comes. I'm afraid we are being talked about. I'm afraid I'm not doing my duty by the girls.

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I shall be considered loose: and what's to become of the girls I am waiting for a letter--it will come to-morrow. Either I shall be going to Scotland, or down to London--one or the other, but I don't know which. Billy's very circumspect, very circumspect--nice, mind you, but good. She submits because she can scarcely help herself -- there is a sound of feet and voices -- he hastily releases her : That!

Happy marriage affirmations (for men & women iso a women ❤️) by joseph murphy tpotsm (read by lila)

Well, Dr Grainger said to me this evening: "You know my friend is very circumspect, very circumspect, so you won't be surprised if my behaviour is rather different this evening. I don't know how we're going to receive them this evening. I wish I had never admitted Dr Grainger at all--but he came with Jack It would never occur to him to buy them for us. I wonder if the woman was giving Cowper a gentle hint The very buttons must be full of echoes He crosses the hearth.

EMILY bows quietly, with a smile. And you, Miss Calladine? Nay, you're wrong there. When th' time comes ADA laughing : How laughs --how awfully nice laughs heartily of you. Seizes a newspaper, and screens it before him and ADA-- they put their he together. It's George's sins finding him out. Be sure your sins will find you out. They kiss--she laughs. You are awfully jolly. Kisses her under the ear. Will you go down with Ada to the drawing-room? Ada, do you mind? Jack is really courting Emily, and Ada is sheer mischief, and I'm quite decent, really.

Happy marriage affirmation (for women or men iso a man ❤️) by joseph murphy’s tpotsm (read by lila)

BRENTNALL: It's a pity that so many of the best women let their youth slip by, because they don't find a man good enough--and then, when dissatisfaction becomes a torture--later on--you are dissatisfied with life, you do lack something big. And since the common men make the advances Don't cause a split between your conscious self and your unconscious--that is insanity. You do want love, almost any sort. Make up your mind what you'll accept, or what you won't, but keep your ideal intact. Whatever men you take, keep the idea of man intact: let your soul wait whether your body does or not.

But don't drag the first down to the second. Do you understand? You see, so many women are too good for the men, that for every decent man, there are thirty decent women. And you decent women go and waste and wither away. Do think it out square, and make the best of it.

(revised )

Virginity and all that is no good to you. But keep your soul virgin, wait and believe in the good man you may never have. If he weren't married, she'd get him. Delay is fatal--and marriage is beastly, on most occasions.

Will you excuse me? You know George here, he's a devil. He's been on wi' some little game with our Sally. Sally's taken a fancy to me, an' gives me no chance. Can't you see for yourself? I've no desire to run Charlie off. Charlie Greenhalgh is your man; you stick to him, and leave other young fellows alone.

It's getting late, and I believe Billy's tired. He's a convalescent, you know. He kisses her rather sorrowfully, and departs. There is a calling of good-bye from outside.

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He is running the rig out here, and if you don't come quick--". She has flung her writing case on to the table, and sits down to write. SALLY is in a chair, looking as if any moment she would take wing.

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We s'll be seeing you again, though? Why ever didn't you speak?

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It's "quite alright. SALLY begins to giggle. She leans towards him -- laughs uncontrollably. We don't, do we? SALLY dries her eyes, still giggles, rises. She stands beside him. What did Charlie say to it? Fill up an' let's have a dance. He staggers slightly -- all the men are affected by drink.

Sally's the belle of the ball, and you, Doctor, it's your party--so lead off.

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But you don't think it's been very happy for me--our--our friendship?

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