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This one guy, however, made it past the first date.


Should you play matchmaker for your single friends?

Setting up single friends might make you feel good, but you'll need to tread lightly. Long before the innovative technological savior that is online datingthe best way for singles to meet was by means of introduction through close friends and family.

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While dating apps and online dating have streamlined this process quite a bit, it can be complicated. That's why dating and relationship experts agree that the tried-and-true way of meeting potential suitors through folks who know is still one of the best ways to find a partner.

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If you're the non-single friend, should you play matchmaker for your single friend? Absolutely, as long as you're taking the specific situation into. Here, some scenarios when it's a great idea to play matchmaker for your single friends, plus a few instances where it's probably better to back off.

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If you can keep things light and casual, the introduction may go better. If there is, the next move can be made without your involvement, she adds.

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Just because both individuals are single and looking for a partner is hardly a reason to set them up, unless each expresses interest. However, if you truly feel two people would be a good match, and you know them each well enough to be confident that they could handle things if it does not go well, Knable says it could be worth a shot. If you met someone who you think might be a good match for a single friend of yours that you otherwise would have no relationship with, Knable says there is no harm in trying to connect the two.

This is something House sees frequently, particularly with her nicest clients who feel bad about ending things with someone who they've gone on a few dates with. If your friend has a tendency to obsess over whomever he or she goes out with, it's probably better that you stay out of his or her dating life.

Why you shouldn't play matchmaker with your friends

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In theory, the concept of matchmaking is simple.


Empower yourself with tools and skills to navigate modern dating.


Eventually, swiping and passing through countless profiles can feel cumbersome.


In theory, the concept of matchmaking is simple.