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Hours : Bourbon St, New Orleans


She she's gentlemen's club

Photo by Chris Granger, Nola. Along with claims that strip clubs are just like any other entertainment business -- an artform, in fact, protected by the right to free speech -- that creates jobs and generates tax revenue, defenders like to argue that no one is being directly harmed by the activities and that everyone is involved through his or her free will.

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Putting aside the comparison of lap dancing to "Swan Lake" and recognizing that jobs and taxes are not always enough to cover the costs of a toxic industry, we now know the last two legs of that defense are also wobbly. Thanks to a year-long investigation by NOLA.

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The problem has festered for years, with officials seemingly uninterested in enforcing the laws and ordinances, including the most basic points that dancers are restricted to performing on a stage at least 18 inches off the ground and that physical contact with customers is forbidden. Lax enforcement quickly led to open drug use, prostitution, robbery, human trafficking and crime that spread well beyond Bourbon Street.

One of the worst-kept secrets in the city was forced into the spotlight two years ago when an ATC undercover operation dubbed "Trick or Treat" reported finding prostitution, drug use and illegal touching in eight French Quarter strip clubs, including a nest of private rooms where customers were often promised a "full experience.

Strip clubs on bourbon. - new orleans forum

Agents said when they asked about scoring drugs, dancers either already had the substances on them or would call a dealer who delivered to the club. While not admitting wrongdoing, the clubs agreed to hire private investigators to conduct "mystery shops" to uncover any illegal acts and take action.

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Owners and managers of several clubs said they have increased their own enforcement, in some cases adding monitored cameras in private dance rooms and firing dozens of employees suspected of illicit activity inside the clubs. Self-policing by the clubs is about the best that the public is getting.

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Reporters say a review of hundreds of documents provided by the ATC shows the agency has not ramped up enforcement to the degree experts say is needed to deter sex trafficking in strip clubs. Undercover ATC agents made only 10 visits in French Quarter strip clubs in the last 22 months to check for prostitution and sex trafficking, the records showed.

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There are 13 strip clubs open in the French Quarter, but ATC records showed no evidence of visits at six of them. During this period, one club was fined for prostitution, and ATC met with another club's owner about a report of solicitation, but there was no record of a fine or citation in that second case.

Covenant House, a nonprofit organization that helps homeless youths in all states of crisis, began tracking sex trafficking cases in early Officials say dozens of women -- some younger than 18 -- have reported becoming trapped in trafficking and sexual exploitation in clubs both in Louisiana and out of state.

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Of the victims of sex trafficking Covenant House provided services to in that period, 17 reported using private rooms or a bathroom in French Quarter strip clubs to have sex with customers. The worst, but seemingly inevitable result, of this environment may be found in the murder of Jasilas Wright, a year-old mother of one, who authorities say was pushed from a moving car on Interstate 10 in Metairie by a man identified as a pimp. She was run over by several cars, essentially dismembering her body.

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Prosecutors accused Adam Littleton, 25, of "roughing up" Wright and forcing her into his car during the early morning hours of June 10,after she finished a shift dancing at the Bourbon Street strip club Stiletto's to take her back to Texas against her will. Strip clubs produce nothing good for society.

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The best we can hope is that they do no net harm. That is not what we are getting in New Orleans.

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Never been hear but it seems like a good Christian establish mentedit:I took my kids here and this place is of satanedit: its okay because the stripper smothered my kid.


Just curious the strip clubs on bourbon seem a bit shady.


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Just curious the strip clubs on bourbon seem a bit shady.