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Primarily visiting North America, the tour supported the band's second studio album No Strings Attached. Additional dates, also in North America, were added for the Fall of The tour was initially mentioned during an AOL group chat in latewhen band member JC Chasez revealed the group was already planning for their next tour.


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This sizzling summer collection is filled with hot teens, hot flings, and hot digs. A house at the beach. A bunch of hot strangers. From sunrise to sunset, rays to raves, and everything in between—anything goes. This collection of two stories of coast-to-coast summertime scandal and drama is sure to satisfy.

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Randi Reisfeld is the author of numerous original series and novels for teens, including three New York Times bestsellers. Her trilogy Starlet also reflects her life-long obsession with all things Hollywood. Randi lives in Washington Township, NJ. Visit her on the web at www. Tell us what you like and we'll recommend books you'll love.

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up and get a free ebook! Trade Paperback eBook. Table of Contents Excerpt.

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About The Book. For someone so petite, she was strong: mentally and physically. Way stronger than she looked, and fierce when determined. Nothing sidelined Katie Charlesworth. Certainly not a trifle like a Tumi bag stuffed to triple its capacity. Least of all a telltale emotion. Katie surveyed her bedroom.

Had she overlooked anything? The light on her phone was blinking, indicating multiple new messages. She erased them without listening. For good measure, she loosened the phone jack, just enough to break the connection without looking unplugged. She double-deleted her e-mails, then changed her password.

No one would ever guess her new one: Lilyhaterforever. Her professionally plucked eyebrow did a practiced arch as Katie came into the living room to say good-bye. For an entire summer on the Cape?

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In sixteen years seventeen in AugustKatie had never once given Vanessa a reason to doubt her. The matriarch of their Boston brownstone floated through life on her happy bubble, never conceding it could burst.

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If only she knew the truth, thought Katie, fighting hard to sound normal over the lump in her throat. Vanessa raised a glass to her daughter—her morning toast was liquid. It was very generous of Sylvia and Henry to let you and Lily live at their home for the entire summer. I know exactly how to thank such gracious people.

No strings attached

Why the taxi? All very polite. No slamming, spiking, or sweating. Anything out of bounds stayed that way, was not retrieved. And no one ever argued the point. Katie gave him the address of the bus station. She shuddered. As for the passengers? Desperate and ashamed that bus travel was their only option.

No strings attached tour

Today she was one of them. The girls, bikini waxed and pre-tanned, spent lazy days on the beach, barbecuing and except for Katie, who abstained downing prodigious amounts of alcohol. Always, there was loud music, raucous laughter, salty munchies, like-minded friends, and freeform fun.

Lovely oblivion.

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That was Katie, then. Past tense. Future tense, if she could swing it.

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For now? The present was just plain tense. She needed to fake it, make everyone think this summer would be exactly like those old carefree Cape weekends, three whole months worth! If nothing else, it would give her time and space to figure things out, and the chance to earn money of her own.

No strings attached - north nj

We can sleep away Saturdays and Sundays. Eventually, Lily agreed to go along with the plan, help Katie keep up appearances, and earn coin.

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A done deal. Until, just like that! It got undone. Plan A had died an instant and painful death when her now ex-best ex-friend Lily McCoy drove a stake through its vibrant little heart and pulled out. And it was all for a guy. She was really sorry. It needed adjusting, was all.

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She was the trendsetting, A-getting, acolyte-acquiring leader of her class. Fashion-forward, Katherine Lacey Charlesworth was an authentic Boston blue blood without, so the myth went, a care in the world. She was also hot. Her fine, platinum hair and kelly green eyes were offset by freckles, and a toothsome smile. Katie projected confidence and accessibility, the can-do charisma.

She did have a pretty damn—Katie only cursed parenthetically perfect life.

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She worked hard at it too. No way was she losing it now. No matter Lily, the linchpin of her brilliant time-buying plan, had detonated the bomb too soon by backing out to stay in Boston with her latest tastycake. Katie did what Katie does: She went to Plan B. Finding there was none, she created one. If it worked, the B would stand for Brilliant.

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But if she did, she would at least get to keep her job at the Luxor. Listing herself as eighteen, she went online and found the cheapest option still available. It was in downmarket according to everyone, anyway Hyannis, not Chatham. It had five bedrooms; Katie made the fifth housemate. Katie twisted her neck to look out the rear window of the taxi. In the hot, smelly taxi, Katie shivered.

About The Author.

No strings attached - north nj

Photograph by Katherine Stanfield. Randi Reisfeld. Product Details.

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