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I have been to Oslo, Norway in July First of all, I have been quite upset by the of beggars on the street who were very pushy and quite aggressive. On the east side of Oslo, it was unsafe.


Scandinavian Psychologist3e The purpose of this study was to explore attitudes toward and experience with kinky sexual activities in younger adults in Norway. Inthe polling organization Ipsos MMI sent an online questionnaire survey to a representative national web sample of 2, persons aged 18—29 years. Of those polled, Sixty-two percent reported no kinky sexual experience, The most commonly reported activities were bondage Hierarchical regression analyses were carried out to study the relationship between the three different lifetime experiences of kinky sexual activity and social background factors step 1attitudes towards different expressions of sexuality step 2and sexual experience step 3.

Social background variables explained a small percentage of the variance in all three dependent variables.

Prostitution in norway

In step 2, attitudes contributed ificantly to the prediction for all three dependent variables after controlling for social background. An additional sexual behavior step 3 added ificantly to the percentage of explained variance for all three dependent variables.

The included predictors explained Kinky sexual activities generally seem quite common in and accepted by Norwegian young adults. Keywords: attitudes, BDSM, behavior, bondage, dominance, kinky sex, sexual role play, submission, young adults.

: bente. Received: May 4, Accepted: September 20, Published: October 29, Language: English. Competing interests: The author reports no conflict of interest. The author alone is responsible for the contents and writing of this paper. This is a peer-reviewed paper. News article In Norwegian: One of three respondents would like to try sexual games involving dominance and submission.

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One example of what may be defined as kinky sex is sexual role play, which may comprise activities such as dressing up as a nurse or a school teacher. But the definition may also include activity connected to dominance and submission as in BDSM bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, sadism, masochism. In Februarythe Norwegian Directorate of Health removed sadomasochism from the diagnosis registry ICD after a year-long battle by sexual minority groups and organizations. Given the popularity of kinky sex in the popular media, it seems these kinds of sexual expressions have undergone a transformation from a stigmatized to a mainstream phenomenon, and perhaps particularly so in the younger segments of the population.

The strong interest in activities that only a few years ago were stigmatized and classified as a mental disorder is interesting and raises several questions. One key question is, for example, what kinds of attitudes do young men and women in Norway have toward kinky sexual activities including BDSM. Another such question is how widespread are kinky sexual practices in this population? BDSM activities range from mild deviance from standard sexual behaviors to more extreme procedures of sexual stimulation, and they vary to which extent participants take part in the activities. Studies on the prevalence of different BDSM activities are surprisingly rare.

Norwegian young adults’ attitudes toward and experience with kinky sexual activities

An Australian population study from the middle of the s estimated that 1. Submission fantasies are more common in women than in men, and domination fantasies are more usual for men than for women. Many persons with higher levels of education are likely to be high achievers, and for some of them, BDSM may function as a relief from everyday demands and responsibilities.

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Wismeijer and van Assen found that BDSM practitioners were less neurotic, more extroverted, more open to new experiences, more conscientious, less rejection sensitive, and had a higher subjective well-being, yet they were less agreeable than people in a control group. To which extent this tendency also applies to people practicing kinky sex in general is not known. This propensity could be an indication of sexuality being of great importance in the life of BDSM practitioners. The purpose of the present study was to examine traces of kinky sex and BDSM activities in younger men and women in Norway.

Are younger adults of both genders positive toward carrying out kinky activities, which experiences do they have of kinky sex themselves, and to what extent do they want to participate in kinky sexual activities today?

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What is the relationship between social background factors, attitudes, and sexual experience and kinky sexual activity? The conceptual model underlying this study is depicted in Figure 1. In relation to these outcomes, social background factors gender, level of education, relationship status, the position of sexuality in lifeattitudes toward different expressions of sexuality, and sexual experience and experimentation are included based on prior research on the sexuality of BDSM practitioners. The poll organization Ipsos MMI sent an online questionnaire survey was sent to a representative national web sample of 2, persons aged 18—29 years.

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The respondents received one reminder. The study was conducted during the period spanning March 15 to April 24, The questionnaire contained questions about sociodemographic background, attitudes toward different expressions of sexuality, sexual activity and experiences, sexual satisfaction, body image, friends with benefit relationships, and use of and beliefs about pornography.

Most of the questions had been used and validated in studies. The total sample was made up of The mean age of the respondents was The majority of the participants Measures Lifetime experience with kinky sexual activities : The questions were introduced by the following text: Have you ever been involved in any of the following sexual activities? Please tick for all sexual activities you have been involved in, even if it was only once. Current desire for kinky sexual activities : The questions were introduced by the following text: Which of the sexual activities listed below would you want to participate in today?

The project

Please tick all sexual activities you would want to be involved in. Below are some descriptions of certain things one may become sexually aroused by.

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We want to know what you think about each of these things. Is each of these something you may want to do yourself, something you do not want to do yourself but can accept that others do—for instance your partner—or something you think is absolutely unacceptable? By combining the responses to the questions, a new ordinal variable was computed range 1—8.

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How important is sexuality in your life? Sexual behavior : This benchmark was tapped by means of the following selected sets of questions:.

Main content

To predict experience with, or future desire to experience, BDSM activities, a of hierarchical linear regression analyses were performed. Attitudes Table 1 shows the relationship between attitudes toward BDSM activities, gender, and level of education.

The activity that most respondents would like to try themselves was to be sexually stimulated by ritual games involving dominance and submission ificantly more women Twelve percent of men and 5. More respondents with a lower Trivariate analysis revealed that in men, ificantly more with low Equally, many with a low Among those with a low level of education, More women More respondents with a high level of education In men with lower levels of education, The corresponding percentages in men with a higher level of education were Among women with lower levels of education, The corresponding percentages in women with a high amount of education were Regarding attitudes toward being sexually stimulated by the use of violence, no differences existed in the reporting according to gender and level of education, neither bivariately nor trivariately.

Lifetime kinky sexual experiences The questionnaire contained three questions about lifetime experiences with three selected kinky sex activities. Of the total sample, Table 2 shows the bivariate reporting of lifetime experience with selected kinky sexual activities.

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The most commonly reported activity was sex involving tying up, subsequently called bondage Furthermore, a higher percentage of women than men reported experience with all the activities, particularly bondage

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Scandinavian Psychologist , 3 , e


This study shows that a ificant of the Norwegian population has experienced violence and abuse.


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