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Well, for one thing, MeToo has exploded the longstanding status quo of power dynamics between genders. Meanwhile, the art world, following Millennial and Gen Z culture, is making strides to decolonize its thinking. This means throwing out old stories of who gets to be a known as a great artist—and who gets stuck in supporting roles like muse. Even today, the same model of the muse as passive subject is reproduced implicitly in the work of artists like Nobuyoshi Araki and Henrik Purienne. What exactly is being said here? But she paints a very different picture: a poorly-defined business relationship fraught with dishonesty sometimes bordering on exploitation, even though their sexual relationship was fully consensual.


The relationship between a Muse and an Artist can be complex, intuitive, and intimate.

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It is noted that the artist would want to explore all facets of their chosen muse. Desiring to know every part of them.

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She would eventually meet and marry Artist Salvador Dali years later. The connection can offer the creator, the divine guidance while the inspirer receives the acknowledgment of knowing that they have inspired the art itself. A muse can be visualized as a fantasy in the cold reality of the world.

The art of being a muse

They serve their purpose of igniting sparks of inspiration, with creativity being the primary reason between the two. The real ability of the muse is to ignite the fire in the womb of the artist without the act of sex. Frida Kahlo met Diego Rivera inshe was an admirer of his work and proceeded to develop her artistic gift through him. A year later they would marry, he was 21 years her senior. They would cheat on each other constantly, Diego with women and Frida with both men and women. They remarried the following year. Fourteen years after their reunion, Frida passes away.

But with anything powerful and intensified as the relationship between an artist and their muse, possession can also be put in motion.

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To be owned by that one particular artist can be flattering, yet frightening all at one time. Can you be replaced?

The top 10 things to know about picasso’s love life

Will your efforts go wasted? A muse can tap into the creative emotion without really trying. They provide a focus, a sort of stability to the artist to draw from. A relationship that can last forever or fall into the pits of miscommunication, gossip, jealousy, envy or it simply running its course.

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Dora Maara French photographer, poet, and painter was a lover of Pablo Picasso. She was 28 and He was They were together for nearly nine years and he painted several portraits of her. Dora suffered from self-doubt and depression while being with Pablo.

The gift and the curse of being a muse

She would subsequently suffer a nervous breakdown later. An artist absorbs from the muse to funnel the creativity they need to further express themselves.

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A union of creative minds in which they both inspire one another. But with these relationships, distress or not, the art of all forms will live on forever.

Picasso's women: wives, lovers, and muses

One was the trolley, and the other was Diego. Diego was by far the worst.

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Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso An artist absorbs from the muse to funnel the creativity they need to further express themselves. Share this: Tweet.


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Behind every great artist is a muse—and legendary painter Pablo Picasso, well, he had plenty of them.


Text by Ann Binlot.


A sensitive subject that is hardly ever addressed.