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We like to believe that there are laws among thieves. We like to believe that there are rules of honor, that when Michael Corleone orders a mob hit, it's because some code has been violated, that if Tony Soprano chokes a guy to death in a parking lot, it is because that guy broke some rule, that he deserved it somehow.

This is one of the most romantic ideas that we have about crime, that there could be a system, that there could be ancient, strict rules, and that there are people out there who actually try to follow those rules, you know? And at one level, of course we want to believe that. Of course we want to believe that it's all so orderly, rather than the thing that we fear about crime, which is that it's random and can strike us at any time, that it's senseless.

Why her? what you need to know about how pimps choose

If there's a system, if there are rules, if it's a business, it doesn't even seem like crime. Well, it turns out that there's a classic American primer about the laws of pimps and pimping written inIceberg Slim's Pimp: The Story of My Life. In it, Iceberg Slim explains the rules of being a successful pimp. It is such a clearly-defined tradition, the way he tells it, that at one point, he visits an older pimp for advice. And the guy doesn't just give him the advice. He begins by laying out the entire history of pimping in the Americas.

And then he gives him the pointers on how to pimp by the book. It's business. Today on our program, a former pimp makes the case that in Oakland, California, in the s, in the last heyday of American pimps in a stronghold of American pimping, the rules of the game that Iceberg Slim describes were not just a reassuring fiction but a way of life for hundreds of people, maybe thousands. I'm Ira Glass. Most weeks on our program, we choose a theme, bring you a variety of different kinds of stories on that theme.

Today, instead, we are devoting our entire program to just one story of a man who tried to be a pimp, found out he did not have the stomach for the violence, and how that let to his downfall in the pimping world. Today's show is the story of him and his friends and his observations about the rules of the game on the street back then. I have to say, part of what's amazing about him is the detail that he gets to in describing how that world worked. Our program today, Pimp Anthropology. Act One, Rules of the Game.

‘he’s not my pimp’: toward an understanding of intimate male partner involvement in female sex work at the mexico–us border

Stay with us. The guy who is the subject of our show today spoke with Tamar Brott, a writer in California who he's known for years. I should say before we begin that if you are listening with small children, there is no sex in today's show. None at all. No graphic descriptions, no sex acts are even named, though there is a scene or two where men hit women. Well, here's Tamar Brott. When Kevin was growing up in Oakland, he and his childhood friends Mark, Keith, and Little Ricky decided they were going to be pimps.

Trafficking terms

And that's what they became. This was in the '70s, and the city was overrun with pimps. The vice cops say that Oakland had the largest prostitution trade in all of California. The infrastructure was perfect-- plenty of freeway access to cheap motels, and lots of places for the pimps to shop. At the height of his glory, Kevin wore a gold lame suit with beaver fur collar and cuffs. Mark favored a long, white, leather coat.

Pimp anthropology

Keith was partial to jewel-encrusted dollar s. This is their story. Where I was raised, a lot of kids, we looked at role models. Just as they do today, look at athletes today. Well, back then, one of the first images of success that you would see were Cadillacs. That was a of success for people in poor and blighted areas, especially in housing projects.

One of my earliest memories was of a guy named Robert Charles.

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He was a local guy who had, at the time, what I thought was the greatest car in the world. He had a Cadillac that probably was a '60, '61 Cadillac. The car was beautiful.

damsel ladies Brooklynn

And he would ride through the neighborhood. And I didn't realize at the time that he was a pimp. But he'd ride through the neighborhood. He had the girls. And one of the things he'd always do was he would-- we'd have the ice cream truck that would roll through the neighborhood.

Why her? what you need to know about how pimps choose

He'd stop and get out, and he'd buy all the kids ice creams. So obviously, the image for us of Robert Charles was like, wow, this guy's really successful, he's got lots of money, and all of us aspired to be like Robert Charles. Right outside of Berkeley, on the Oakland border, is a hotel. It's called California Hotel.

At that time, back in the '60s, it was, I'm guessing, a room hotel, a really big hotel.

damsel babe Alaya

Had a ballroom, a nightclub. At that time, Richard Pryor, who was just starting to burst on the national scene, was doing stand-up there. It reminds me of what I've read about what Harlem was like. It was an area where people who were black who were successful would go.

Well, one of the things that happened was that whole California Hotel and the street San Pablo had become a red-light district.

fit floozy Oakley

I remember the first time I rode down there, going down San Pablo and seeing all the girls-- dressed, standing on the corners, soliciting to the cars as they walked by, the short dresses, the skimpy outfits, everything. And every pimp who was ever a pimp in the whole area drove up and down this street. They drove up and down this drill.

You're a ho and your pimp needs to go!

And at that point, it's really funny, because it's different now. I don't think a pimp would want to be out there now. They sort of want to stay in the background. But then, you wore it like a badge of honor. When we originally began going down there, keep in mind, we were catching the bus there.

We would just go down there and get the bus. AC Transit.

single moms Shay

We would get down there, we'd get off the bus, and we would just walk around. We might tease the girls, hey, how you doing honey? What's up? Where's your man at? He'll be back in 15 minutes.

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Just jiving-- shuckin' and jivin', as they call it-- with the girls. You've got to keep in mind, now, we're going down there, but at the same time, we're going back to school the next day. One thing about Keith is that Keith, at some point, made a decision that that was more important to him, to be successful at that, than anything else.

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He made the step that none of the others were willing to make, and that was to drop out of school. His first thing was that, I've got to get me a car.

Let's stop glamorizing pimp culture

I've got to get me a car. I've got to have flash. I've got to have something to show. I remember Keith, he couldn't afford a Cadillac. So what he had was a Ford. He had, I think, a Ford Falcon. It was a convertible, though. And here's what he did. He painted it red, bright red.

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