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I got an from an Introverted Alpha reader the other day asking me exactly that. I am a big fan of your blog and ebook. It is refreshing to have advice written more specific to my personality. I started trying to actively date this past year and your advice does help….


Why high-achieving women can struggle to be as successful in love as they are in their careers

Some women may claim that chiselled abs and giant biceps are not what they are seeking in a man. But a scientific study suggests that if your female partner tells you this, she is probably just being kind.

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The study, on the subject of male bodily attractiveness, has found that the most Herculean bodies were universally the most appealing, at least according to the women doing the rating. studies, too, have backed this finding. This view is wrong, the team behind the latest study claim.

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But at a certain point, mating with highly dominant men, they can exert all this aggressive coercive control and there might be costs. However, the empirical evidence suggests that if there are downsides to being muscular, this fact is not reflected in female preferences.

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Lukazsweski said the field appears to have been misled by studies which used line drawings of the male body, rather than photographs. In the latest study, women were shown photographs of male bodies, with the head blanked out and asked to rate them for attractiveness.

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One set of photographs showed male university students and a second set showed men recruited from a gym, who worked out between three to five times each week. The men were also given a strength test.

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Being tall gave men a small boost of a few percentage points, while being overweight incurred a few negative points. Basically, being a strong, fat guy is OK, which I think would bring comfort to many. The team said they now intend to turn their gaze to the question of why the differ to studies on facial attractiveness where women have shown a preference for feminine male faces.

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Follow htlifeandstyle for more. Share Via. Chiselled abs and giant biceps are what women most often seek in a man, says the study.

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Posted February 14, Reviewed by Lybi Ma.


Posted February 14, Reviewed by Lybi Ma.


S ome men I know have passed up plenty of chances to date gorgeous women.


Last week we heard from Orange County women, who, with a few exceptions, listed good grooming, stylish clothes and a healthy physique as incentives for an initial pas de deux.