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Hi I'm a single 28 year old male moving to Tucson for a new job opportunity. I'm curious to know what the people are like, the overarching mindset of the city, and overall vibe. I already know Tucson isn't a cosmopolitan city - and I'm fine with that - but are there at least some cultural attractions or does one need to travel to Phoenix? The weather doesn't bother me either, since I'm moving from a place just as arid. Also, what's the dating scene like for mid's to mid's? And is it a place where there are lots of young people or mostly married with families. I'll be moving to Tucson sight unseen!

Basic mindset is pretty normal, a little left of Phoenix, but maybe a little right of what most people would call "left. Overall vibe is - I don't know - maybe "Latino-tinged, west-coast relaxed, artsy and outdoorsy"?

You can find whatever you want here - there's a palpable yuppie crowd, plenty of hippies, your basic 2 kids and an SUV working class families, rich and poor though not as much in between as you'd like to seegolfers and cyclists and drinkers and techies and - everything. No idea about the dating scene in practice, since I'm not in it, but I spend a good amount of time in bars and clubs near downtown and the UA and there doesn't appear to be any shortage of attractive young folks in this city.

I've been approached on a few occasions and I'm an overweight, poorly groomed, middle-aged man not showing any reciprocating interest. In my mind that means that if I cleaned up a bit and got single, I wouldn't be too lonely. Cultural attractions are available, depending on what that means to you, but don't skip Phoenix since there's some cool stuff up there as well. We have a good arts and music scene, the food scene is getting better, there are some smaller playhouses in addition to the standard theater offerings, there are plenty of museums around and in general I'd say there's a lot of culture baked into the ground here if you are willing to dig it out.

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Hope it helps, and welcome to Tucson! Originally Posted by AZnewb It's a college town. Bars close at 2 am here. Alot of hiking and biking trails here. I moved here 6 months ago it's ok but, not my favorite place I left Tucson in Dec. Also beware that Tucson is getting alot less rain, and yes it is hot, very hot, and dusty, they still have alot of dirt ro in places, and the lack of rain makes the dust very bad.

You seem to develop a consistent cough which I no longer have since I left Arizona And valley fever does really exist, even though everyone tries to downplay it, pets can get it too.

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I lived in Tempe first, and wish I would have stayed there, more jobs, but still extremely hot worse than Tucsonand alot cleaner. Tucson is NOT a clean city by any means.

Living wage calculation for arizona

The downtown area esp. Originally Posted by aries. Tucson is liberal, no question about it Phoenix, on the other hand, is conservative.

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I don't understand how people could be so unsure about this unless they've never lived anywhere else. Whether this is good or bad is up to you. What I like is that the people here are very friendly, people of different ethnic backgrounds are treated as equals, and in the city itself i. What I don't like is people who go about forcing their political opinions on others witness the weekly "protests" downtown of this or that proposition.

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While there is open-mindedness galore, this does not seem to extend to political opinions if you disagree with someone. I'm not gonna open Pandora's Box by mentioning any particular viewpoints - just be cautious about what you say to people.

sweet floozy Madeleine

OK, I'll tell you this I've had numerous encounters with otherwise intelligent and amiable people who had hair-triggers if something was said that they didn't like. PM me if you want the details - they're actually quite ridiculous. That said, you'll find some of the nicest people ever here and I think you'll enjoy it. It's a college town really. It's not a bonanza but you should do ok if you apply yourself and hang out around the university area.

My sister graduated from U. Tucson is an alright city it has a little bit of everything and its relatively close to Phoenix and San Diego for road trips. It is a good place to a college student or a young person starting out, not too sure about their job markets thou I hear its not the greatest in many fields except health care but I could be wrong. You have to like UA sports and the Bear Down atmosphere. Good Luck man. Originally Posted by UKWildcat There is a nice downtown scene. It seems to be getting better I haven't been here long.

9 things you must know about retiring to arizona

If you love the outdoors, you will have a great time. The cycling on the eastside has been especially good. You definitely need a car. You can find some nice, small rentals in the neighborhoods just north of campus and off of 5th. Then you have easy access to the freeway, and downtown areas. If you want something more quiet, head east, or NW. I moved here from Washington 4 years ago. I came for grad school and didn't plan on staying, but I ultimately ended up staying because I had four job offers Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

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