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  • Austrian
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  • Man
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Do you obsessively collect Vogue magazines and daydream about strutting down the catwalk? Do you have Google alerts set up for your favourite deers and spend your weekends rummaging through bargain bins at vintage shops? Do your top travel destinations read like a list of the fashion capitals of the world? Originally a form of guerilla marketing for couture deers to display their latest trends, it has now become the trend-setting event of the year. Drawing fashion buyers, the media and the glitterati from around the world, Paris Fashion Week hones in on the looks that will define the world of fashion for the season ahead. Though tickets are some of the most elusive and sought-after commodities in the fashion world, the opportunity to attend even the side events that take place during this time make Paris an incomparable destination.


Fans of horror films might recall a particularly sinister goat in the movie The Witch who was partial to getting on its hind legs and hopping around. Goats are a member of the Bovidae family sounding much like a group from out of town who have recently taken up residence in a gothic mansion and as such are hoofed mammals that usually walk on all fours.

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The males often have horns that come into play when the goats get angry and start jumping on their hind legs so they can butt horns with other males. The two-legged approach is usually only reserved for when passions are running high, be it fighting or mating, so to see a goat casually strutting its stuff like a human being is quite surprising. The second clip shared on Twitter shows a goat walk upright for somewhere in the region of 10 meters 33 feetmoving with an impressive air of purpose, in front of a crowd of stunned locals in Telwara, Bihar.

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The footage of this aspiring Pan has attracted a lot of attention online, with some questioning what it is the goat appears to be holding as it struts its stuff down the street. Indeed, it seems goats are pretty good at overcoming obstacles, as a study back in found goats excelled at learning and remembering a new cognitive task.

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Who had overlord goats on their bingo card? By Rachael Funnell 08 Oct This website uses cookies This website uses cookies to improve user experience.

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Day Boarding for your dogs.


The herd was seen promenading through Dingwall to the delight of local residents.


The herd was seen promenading through Dingwall to the delight of local residents.