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Option Care Health provides exceptional infusion therapy services for patients nationwide. This guide will provide an in-depth understanding of what patients can expect from infusion therapy. Patient care is our top priority with expert professionals providing support and guidance every step of the way through customized infusion therapy treatments. As the largest national independent provider for infusion therapy, Option Care Health is committed to delivering a wide range of high-quality treatment options. Health systems and hospitals rely on Option Care Health for a continuum of quality care that effectively reduces readmissions and delivers better outcomes for patients.


Impact of an automated dispensing system in outpatient pharmacies. To evaluate the impact of an automated dispensing system on pharmacy staff work activities and job satisfaction. Cross-sectional, retrospective study. Pharmacists and technicians from 18 outpatient pharmacies. Work activities and job satisfaction were compared between pharmacies with and without. Self-reported pharmacy staff work activities and pharmacist job satisfaction.

By itself, installing an does not appear to shift pharmacist work activities from dispensing to patient counseling or to increase job satisfaction. Shifting pharmacist work activities from dispensing to counseling and monitoring drug therapy outcomes. Dispensing error rate after implementation of an automated pharmacy carousel system.

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A study was conducted to determine filling and dispensing error rates before and after the implementation of an automated pharmacy carousel system APCS. The study was conducted in a bed acute and tertiary care university hospital. Before the implementation of the APCS, filling and dispensing rates were recorded during October through November and January Postimplementation data were collected during May through June Errors were recorded in three areas of pharmacy operations: first-dose or missing medication fill, automated dispensing cabinet fill, and interdepartmental request fill.

A filling error was defined as an error caught by a pharmacist during the verification step.

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A dispensing error was defined as an error caught by a pharmacist observer after verification by the pharmacist. Before implementation of the APCS, first-dose or missing medication orders were observed between October and January Independent data collected in Decemberapproximately six weeks after the introduction of the APCS, found that filling and error rates had increased.

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The filling rate for automated dispensing cabinets was associated with the largest decrease in errors. Filling and dispensing error rates had decreased by December In terms of interdepartmental request fill, no dispensing errors were noted in clinic orders dispensed before the implementation of the APCS. One dispensing error out of 85 clinic orders was identified after implementation of the APCS.

The implementation of an APCS at a university hospital decreased medication filling errors related to automated cabinets only and did not affect other filling and dispensing errors. To assess the impact of robotic dispensing machines in community pharmacies on staff efficiency and sales of over-the-counter drugs. Setting: The study was done on community pharmacies in Germany that use a robotic dispensing machine manufactured by ROWA during Method: Data concerning the financial Analysis of costs to dispense prescriptions in independently owned, closed-door long-term care pharmacies.

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A diverse sample of 64 closed-door LTC pharmacies returned usable surveys. Most pharmacies used automated medication packaging technology, heat and cold package sealers, bar code systemssterile compounding hoods, LTC printers or labelers, and electronic prescribing. However, this decrease in per prescription dispensing cost is dwarfed by an increase in total dispensing cost incurred by pharmacies that from doubling the monthly volume of short-cycle prescriptions that must be dispensed.

Moving to a shorter cycle would reduce pharmacies ' average per-prescription CTD but would increase the of prescriptions dispensed per month. Our indicated that transitioning solid oral. For quit-smoking clinic and its campaign, there was a need for pharmacists to investigate pediatric patient's parent consciousness to tobacco harm utilizing wait time in a pediatric dispensing pharmacy. The system also provides their tobacco dependence level based on the questionnaire and some advice for their health and dietary habits due to the tobacco dependence level.

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From a field trial with one hundred four examinees in the pediatric dispensing pharmacythe user interface was useful compared to conventional questionnaire form. The system could enhance their consciousness to tobacco harm and make their beneficial use of waiting time in dispensing pharmacy.

Some interesting suggestions for improvement and new services were also obtained. The impact of automation on workload and dispensing errors in a hospital pharmacy. To determine the effect of installing an original-pack automated dispensing system on dispensary workload and prevented dispensing incidents in a hospital pharmacy. Data on dispensary workload and prevented dispensing incidents, defined as dispensing errors detected and reported before medication had left the pharmacywere collected over 6 weeks at a National Health Service hospital in Wales before and after the installation of an.

Workload was measured by non-participant observation using the event recording technique. Prevented dispensing incidents were self-reported by pharmacy staff on standardised forms.

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Spearman's rank correlation was used to examine the association between workload and prevented dispensing incidents. Median dispensary workload was ificantly lower pre-automation 9. It is proposed that prevented dispensing incidents frequently occurred during periods of high workload due to involuntary automaticity. Prevented dispensing incidents occurring after a busy period were attributed to staff experiencing fatigue after-effects.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Purpose: Automation of pharmacy workflow can reduce medication errors as well as improve efficiency of the medication picking, packing and labeling process. This study sought to evaluate the impact of the DDS on safety and efficiency in the pharmacy. Methods: The primary outcome was the rate of prevented dispensing incidents contributed by DDS or manual picking of medications defined as the of prevented dispensing incidents per medications picked. The secondary outcome was the productivity of each full time equivalent FTE when ased to either the DDS or manual picking stations.

Data pertaining to the primary and secondary outcomes between January and December were collected and analyzed. The rate of prevented dispensing incidents was expressed in median interquartile range and compared using Mann-Whitney U test. : An average of medications was picked every month in the pharmacy.

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DDS ed for The median rate of prevented dispensing incidents per month committed by manual picking 2. DDS had greater productivity with each FTE in the DDS having an average of picks per month which was ificantly higher than each FTE in the manual picking stations which had an average of picks per month. Conclusion: Installation of DDS in an outpatient pharmacy improved safety of the pharmacy workflow by automating the medication picking, packing and labeling process and minimizing human errors.

Efficiency of the medication picking, packing and labeling process was also improved by the DDS as there were continuous.

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Trends in radiopharmaceutical dispensing in a regional nuclear pharmacy. Dispensing trends for radiopharmaceuticals at a regional nuclear pharmacy over a month period were studied. The overall of prescriptions increased from to per quarter. Radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear cardiology studies increased from less than 0.

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The demand for other radiopharmaceuticals increased in areas such as renal studies, bone studies, lung studies, liver-function studies, and 67 Ga tumor-uptake studies, and declined slightly for static liver studies. Changes in dispensing trends for radiopharmaceuticals will continue as the practice of nuclear medicine concentrates more on functional studies and as newer imaging techniques become used for other purposes. Pharmacy Malpractice: The rate and prevalence of dispensing high-risk prescription-only medications at community pharmacies in Saudi Arabia.

To assess the compliance of community pharmacies with the regulations that prohibit the dispensing of prescription-only medications in the absence of a physician prescription in Saudi Arabia. A cross-sectional study was conducted in the period between October and January A list of 10 prescription-only medications were selected to be studied.

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Pharmacies were selected in random and researchers disguised as patients requested to purchase prescription-only medications in the absence of a prescription. Not all medications were purchased at once. Data were recorded per pharmacywhere pharmacies that approved dispense of the selected drug were scored as non-compliant and the pharmacies that rejected dispense of the selected drug were scored as compliant.

Compliance rate was calculated per region per drug. Pharmacies based in governmental hospitals were visited in parallel.

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A total of 20 were visited. A total of pharmacies were visited over a period of 3 months. Non-compliance of community pharmacies with the law of pharmaceutical practice is at an alarming rate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and authoritative figures must intervene to impede and combat such activities.

The B discount program: outpatient prescription dispensing patterns through contract pharmacies in Section B of the Public Health Service Act provides qualified organizations serving vulnerable populations with deep discounts for some outpatient medications. A regulatory change widely expanded the B program's reach, allowing these organizations to contract with retail pharmacies to dispense medications for eligible patients.

Little is known about which medications are dispensed by contract pharmacies under the expanded program.

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We provide the first comparison of B prescriptions and all prescriptions dispensed in contract pharmacies. We used data from Walgreens, the national leader in B contract pharmacies. Medications used to treat chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol levels, asthma, and depression ed for an overwhelming majority of all prescriptions dispensed at Walgreens as part of the B program.

The majority of B prescriptions dispensed at Walgreens originated at tuberculosis clinics, consolidated health centers, disproportionate-share hospitals, and Ryan White clinics. Our suggest that B contract pharmacies dispense medications used to treat Americans' chronic disease burden and disproportionately dispense medications used by key vulnerable populations targeted by the program.

Implementation of information systems at pharmacies - a case study from the re-regulated pharmacy market in Sweden.

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When the Swedish pharmacy market was re-regulated inSweden moved from one state-owned pharmacy chain to several private pharmacy companies, and four new dispensing systems emerged to replace the one system that had ly been used at all Swedish pharmacies for more than 20 years. The aim of this case study was to explore the implementation of the new information systems for dispensing at pharmacies.

The vendors of the four dispensing systems in Sweden were interviewed, and a questionnaire was sent to the managers of the pharmacy companies. In addition, a questionnaire was sent to pharmacists who used the systems for dispensing prescriptions. The implementation of four new dispensing systems followed a strict time frame set by political decisions, involved actors completely new to the market, lacked clear regulation and standards for functionality and quality assurance, was complex and resulted in variations in quality.

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The pharmacists experienced problems included reliability issues, usability issues, and missing functionality. In this case study exploring the implementation of new information systems for dispensing prescriptions at pharmacies in Sweden, weaknesses related to reliability, functionality and usability were identified and could affect patient safety.

The weaknesses of the systems seem to result from the limited time for the development and implementation, the lack of comprehensive and evidence-based requirements for dispensing systemsand the unclear distribution of quality assurance responsibilities among involved stakeholders. All rights reserved.

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