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Some of those women told police Carlos Allen Hivento, 32, sexually assaulted them outside downtown Iowa City bars. One of them said she was incapacitated and he filmed the sex acts with his cellphone. Another one said Hivento gave her a drink and she blacked out but a witness saw the sexual assault. In the original case, Hivento was charged with four felony counts of third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of invasion of privacy, both aggravated misdemeanors.


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Learn More. The datasets generated for this study are available on request to the corresponding author. The social impact of psychology on the field of human sexuality is extensively wide. From Freud to Masters and Johnson, many are the research which have broken barriers and provided citizens with new knowledge to improve their lives.

In an exploratory study, women between 20 and 29 years old were interviewed under the communicative methodology.

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show three main findings. First, participants who reject the coercive discourse find pleasure in egalitarian relationships. On the contrary, participants who had coerced relationships acknowledge a lack of excitement in egalitarian relationships, while associating pleasure to the power nature of the former. Finally, some participants who initially had coerced sexual—affective relationships were able to disassociate pleasure from coerced relationships and break with them.

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Moreover, these women claim to feel more pleasure in their new egalitarian relationships. These findings open a new path of research that unveils the lack of pleasure in coerced relationships and vindicates our right to the pleasure of falling in love. Psychology has had a wide social impact on the fields of human sexual behavior and sexual desire.

Advances in the field of psychology have demonstrated that, besides biological or even sociological factors, sexual desire depends as well on psychological ones. One of the first authors to explore the topic was the psychoanalyst Freud. Freud focused on sex as the main element in human development, since he described libido as the force driving human behavior.

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Through his psychosexual development theory, he described five stages which humans follow in their lifespan: the oral stage, the anal stage, the phallic stage, the latent stage, and the genital stage. According to him, these were determinant to human development: failing to successfully pass them could lead to psychological problems and mental disorders.

Even if psychoanalysis is now being questioned because of the difficulties to evaluate this theory following a scientific methodology Kandel,its contributions to the exploration of human sexuality and human behavior regarding sex cannot be denied.

Associated data

In the late s, Kinsey Kinsey, ; Kinsey et al. For the first time, his reports provided evidence of sexual behavior of humans, including frequency, practices, and lifestyle, among others. However, the information gathered in these reports about sexual behaviors remained statistical.

Indeed, it was not until the research of Masters and Johnson that the first evidence of how humans experience sexual arousal and sexual activity arrived.

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Even if now ethically controversial, the research conducted by Masters and Johnson regarding human sexual response Masters and Johnson, and human sexual inadequacy Masters and Masters, are considered among the 40 studies that changed psychology Hock, These researchers explored the physiological responses in human sexuality, which they saw as fundamental for a satisfying sex life. Masters and Johnson complemented these works with a series of books in which they explored the psychological aspects of sexuality. Their work continues to influence scientific research on human sexuality in several fields, including psychology.

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More recent research keeps challenging the reproduction theories by bringing forward evidence of pleasure being one of the main variables that explain sexual motivation Meston and Buss, ; Barnett and Melugin, Indeed, hooking-up has been associated with physical pleasures Farvid,such as stress and tension relief or fun, as well as with psychological and affective pleasures, including ego boosting and thrills linked to mischieving, transgression, and novelty Farvid and Braun, Often these casual sex experiences involve alcohol intake Claxton et al.

However, research also shows that women associate hooking up with high regret Campbell, and disgust Al-Shawaf et al.

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According to different papers, the negative feelings could be due to multiple and inconsistent reasons such as impelling sexual motivation Campbell, or sexual double standards Armstrong et al. Nevertheless, scientific research has already provided evidence which shows that positive or negative outcome in a relationship do not depend on its length, but on the partner of choice Puigvert et al.

In this vein, another theory which has contributed to the social impact of psychology is that of the coercive dominant discourse hereinafter, CDD. This traditional model is conveyed through the CDD in numerous daily interactions with peers, TV shows, popular songs, and social media, among others.

This continuous presentation of men with violent attitudes and behaviors as attractive progressively socializes some women from a young age into attraction toward violent attitudes and behaviors.

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Indeed, novel research on socioneuroscience has pointed out that the frequent association of violence to attractiveness is internalized by some women, leading them to feel aroused before men that present violent characteristics Puigvert Mallart et al. As the authors explain, this emotional reactions are not in fact their own, but the consequence of the socialization in the pressures of the CDD that emerges from the power imbalance within relationships fostered by our patriarchal society.

In line with these findings, many studies report girls to prefer partners with aggressive features for hooking up Valls et al. Nevertheless, preferring this type of guys puts them at a greater risk to suffer intimate partner violence.

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When girls and women fall victims of this process of upward mobility mirage, they think that having intimate relationships with boys and men with violent attitudes and behaviors, they will move up in the social chain. Therefore, gratification and pleasure in these cases seems to be related to the perceived social status. In addition, several studies show that students who felt pressured by their peers to engage in casual relationships seemed more susceptible to adverse outcomes related to hooking up, as well as were those hooking up with multiple partners Montes et al.

The notion of romantic love has traditionally included inequality between men and women but at the same time love and respect and not violence at all. Currently there is a feminist transformation of this concept which maintains the non-violence but overcoming its inequalities. However, at the same time, there are other transformations of the concept which maintain inequalities and include violence in romantic love Lelaurain et al. The feminist transformation of the concept allows girls and women to choose if they want to look for romantic love free of violence with other girls or boys.

The other transformation of the concept prevents women to have that kind of love while it pushes them to sporadic relationships which often include more violence than stable ones.

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Indeed, there is no evidence of romantic relationships under these terms leading to gender-based violence Yuste et al. Drawing from the idea that pleasure is one of the main reasons to engage in sexual relationships, in the present study we explore the effects of the CDD on the pleasure of young women.

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The aim is to provide evidence on how CDD influences the partners they choose, the type of relationship they have, the sexual pleasure they associate to them and, on the long-term, what they expect from a relationship and partners sporadic or stable. On the other hand, we also want to explore if these preferences are different in young women who have not been victims of these pressures. We hypothesize that pleasure in relationships is not related to the duration of those long or short-term, sporadic, and stable or to sex, but to dominant and coercive social preferences regarding the type of partner and relationship coercive vs.

Conversely, we expect love to be a protective factor against the CDD. The study follows the communicative methodology of research CMR. This approach pursues the transformation of social realities through the egalitarian dialog and the inclusion of all voices Gomez et al. In the CMR, researchers share their scientific knowledge with the researched subjects, who in turn contribute with their own knowledge and experiences of the social reality which is being explored.

This is possible thanks to the establishment of an egalitarian dialog that allows to overcome the relevant gap between scientists and researched subjects Habermas, and to provide new solutions to the problematics being discussed. The implementation of CMR has contributed to the social impact of psychology regarding violence prevention Oliver, Thirteen young women P1—P13 from different socioeconomic backgrounds and geographical regions within the Spanish context were recruited for the study, using purposive and snowball sampling. No gatekeepers were used.

All of them were between 20 and 29 years old and all of them reported having had heterosexual relationships. No participants withdrew from the research after ing the consent form.

Our right to the pleasure of falling in love

Before being involved in the research, participants were contacted individually by the researchers, who fully informed them about the study. Participants were given time to read it and were told that they could ask any questions at all times. The researchers gave clarifications when necessary.

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Participants were also informed about their possibility to withdraw at any time from the study. Taking the intimate content of their testimonies, they were granted full anonymity and their identities were concealed from the beginning of the research. Due to the nature of their responses, they could decide if they wanted to be audio-recorded or if they preferred the researcher to take notes on their statements.

Once the of the study were ready, they were sent to the participants in order to ensure their conformity with publication. A semi-structured interview was conducted with each participant individually. The questions for the interview were deed by consensus between all researchers.

Survey: nearly 80% of women avoid intimacy due to this common infection

Knowledge from studies regarding the CDD and its influences on relationships and partners was considered when creating the interview. Questions were arranged temporally, from childhood to present. Finally, the script was composed by 33 open-ended questions and subquestions about their sexual—affective relationships, their own feelings, and behavior about them, as well as that of their peers.

The current study follows the saturation criteria of Guest et al. This approach considers the role of both verbal and non-verbal communication, it separates the intentions behind the acts from their consequences, and s for existing power relations in the social context of the speakers. The approach has already proven successful at better identifying situations of coercion, while providing elements of analysis for overcoming difficulties and transforming realities Rios and Christou, Under this approach, the gathered testimonies were analyzed following a line-by-line technique.

For the early coding, the content of their testimonies was classified into three temporal : childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood.

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BPT — Sexual intimacy can be an important part of life and healthy relationships.


On June 22, , a trans woman in Cali, Colombia, was harassed—verbally and physically—by two police officers in a public area of the Diamante neighborhood.


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